Florida Gas Transmission Company, LLC

Fourth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/01/2006, Docket: RP06-463-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 204 Original Sheet No. 204 : Effective






"Point of Interest (POI) number" shall mean the identifying number for

a specific Point of Delivery or Point of Receipt on Transporter's



"Point of Receipt" or "Receipt Point" shall mean the point at which

gas is received by Transporter into Transporter's system from an

upstream source or facility. Unless otherwise specified, this term

shall also include In-Line Transfer Points. A listing of existing

receipt points is set forth on Transporter's Internet website.


"Primary Capacity Path(s)" shall mean the path(s) between the

Primary Receipt Point(s) and the Primary Delivery Point(s), as set

forth in a Shipper's base firm transportation contract, including

mainline and lateral portions of the pipeline, regardless of

direction of flow, as amended by capacity release transactions.

Transporter shall post on its Internet website a pipeline map that

can assist a Shipper in determining whether its Primary Capacity

Path(s) is (are) located on the east leg mainline, on the west leg

mainline, or both, within Transporter's Market Area. Transporter's

Internet website shall promptly post all filings and notices of

filings that may result in changes to the Primary Capacity Path of

any Shipper. Transporter shall promptly notify Shippers of any

material change in the east leg mainline and west leg mainline in a

tariff filing.


"Primary Delivery Point(s)" shall mean those Delivery Point(s) listed

on Exhibit B of Shipper's FTS-1, FTS-WD, FTS-2 or SFTS Service

Agreement which are assigned an MDQ.


"Primary Receipt Point(s)" shall mean those Point(s) of Receipt

listed in Exhibit A of Shipper's SFTS, FTS-1, FTS-WD or FTS-2 Service

Agreement which are assigned an MDQ. Primary Receipt Point(s) are

also deemed to include In-Line Transfer Points to the extent set

forth in Section 8 of the FTS-1, FTS-WD, FTS-2, and SFTS Rate



"Public Agency" shall mean an entity which is a Shipper and which is

also a political subdivision or agency of the State of Florida,

including, but not limited to, state government, county, city, school

district, single and multipurpose special district, single and

multipurpose public authority, and metropolitan or consolidated