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Effective Date: 11/19/1998, Docket: RP97-346-023, Status: Effective

Substitute Original Sheet No. 293 Substitute Original Sheet No. 293 : Effective




amortization period and the amount of refunds or

undercollections for each Customer.


(ii) Consistent with other provisions of this Section,

the reconciliation and final accounting after

completion of the amortization period will take into

account: (1) applicable interest accruing on the

unamortized stranded gathering facilities balance

during the amortization period calculated in

accordance with the Commission's Regulations; (2)

all gathering facilities surcharges paid by each

Customer or deemed to have been paid by each

Customer; (3) the Shared Proceeds from all sales of

gathering facilities during the amortization period

including interest from the date of the sale; and

(4) the unrecovered book value from all sales of

gathering facilities to non-affiliates during the

amortization period. Any gathering surcharge

collection in excess of the allowed amount of

stranded gathering recovery will be treated as an

overcollection at the end of the amortization period

and credited to Customers in proportion to their

stranded gathering facilities cost payments made or

deemed to have been made during the amortization

period. Any undercollections will be directly

billed to all firm transportation Customers on the

system at the time that the reconciliation is

calculated, except Customers receiving firm

transportation service in conjunction with storage

service under Rate Schedule SS-3. The direct bill

amounts shall be determined pro rata on the basis of



(iii) In determining whether the allowable amount of stranded

gathering facilities costs has been overcollected or

undercollected, Shared Proceeds from sales of gathering

facilities occurring during the amortization period

less any unrecovered book value in such sales to

non-affiliates will be credited against the unrecovered

stranded gathering balance in accordance with the

sharing provisions contained in Article IV, Section 4

of the Stipulation and Agreement in FERC Docket No.

RP97-346, et al.