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Effective Date: 11/19/1998, Docket: CP96-532-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 290 Original Sheet No. 290 : Effective






27.1 Purpose. This Section sets forth the mechanisms for recovery

by Equitrans from its Customers of two types of transition

costs associated with Account No. 191 and Stranded Facilities

Costs. This Section shall be effective until such time as

Equitrans has recovered all of its transition costs as detailed



27.2 Costs Associated with Account No. 191.


a. On the effective date of this Section, Equitrans will terminate

its PGA, and the net balance remaining in its Account No. 191

will be recovered or refunded in accordance with the following



(i) From the date of termination of its PGA, Equitrans shall

have nine (9) months to undertake final accounting with

its suppliers, resolve all billing disputes including

out-of-period adjustments, and clear up outstanding



(ii) At any time during the nine months after termination

of its PGA, Equitrans may make one or more limited

filings, with the Commission, under Section 4 of the

Natural Gas Act, to begin collecting or refunding its

outstanding Account No. 191 balance. These filings

shall be based on Equitrans' last filed PGA, will

reflect adjustments to the PGA, and will contain working

papers supporting the costs shown. Any underrecoveries

in its Account No. 191 which Equitrans does not seek to

recover within the nine month period shall not be

recoverable. However, all refunds received will be

credited to Customers, even if received after the nine

month period.


(iii) If Equitrans' net balance in its Account No. 191 is a

debit balance at the end of the nine month period, such

debit balance shall be recovered through a direct bill

to Equitrans' former sales Customers. The portion of

the balance classified as demand shall be allocated

based on each Customer's demand entitlements on the day