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Effective Date: 03/16/2009, Docket: RP09-363-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 272 First Revised Sheet No. 272

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 272




be excused from performance under its Service

Agreement if the Replacement Customer has entered into a

Service Agreement for the remaining term of the Releasing

Customer's Service Agreement, and has agreed to pay the

maximum rate.


(vi) A Releasing Customer may release capacity on a firm or

interruptible basis, but not both simultaneously. If

a Releasing Customer has previously released its

capacity on an interruptible basis, it may elect to

release the same capacity on a firm basis during the

interruptible release term. A firm release will

terminate the interruptible release arrangement.


(vii) Any specific release conditions requested by a

Releasing Customer must be operationally

feasible, and be nondiscriminatory to other shippers.


(viii) Any specific release conditions requested by a Releasing

Customer must relate solely to acquiring capacity on the

Equitrans system unless the release is to an Asset Manager

as defined by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's

("FERC") regulations at 18 C.F.R. Section 284.8(h)(3) and

the release complies with the FERC regulations for releases

to Asset Managers as set forth at 18 C.F.R. Section



(ix) Capacity Release timeline set forth in Section 22.7 shall

be applicable to all parties involved in the Capacity

Release process; provided, however, the timeline shall

only be applicable if: 1) all information provided by

the parties to the transaction is valid, 2) the acquiring

Customer has been determined to be creditworthy before the

capacity release bid is tendered, and 3) there are no

special terms or conditions of the release.


22.4 Release of Storage Entitlements. A firm Part 284 Storage Customer

may release all or any portion of its storage entitlements through

Equitrans' Capacity Release Program. The following conditions



(i) Equitrans will confirm the levels of the TASQ, MDIQ and

MDWQ, which are proposed for release by the Replacement

Customer prior to posting a storage release for bidding or

accepting a pre-arranged release of storage capacity. In no

event may a Replacement Customer acquire a greater TASQ,

MDIQ or MDWQ than is specified in the Releasing Customer's

Storage Service Agreement or convert the Releasing

Customer's service to service under a different storage Rate