Equitrans, L. P.

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Effective Date: 11/19/1998, Docket: CP96-532-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 219 Original Sheet No. 219 : Effective




c. Security interest in collateral found to be satisfactory

to Equitrans.


d. A guarantee, acceptable to Equitrans, by another person

or entity which satisfies credit appraisal.


6.5 Such advance deposit, standby irrevocable letter of credit, security

interest or guarantee should at all times be in an amount equal to

three (3) months of highest estimated usage during the term of the

Service Agreement. If Customer's credit standing ceases to meet

Equitrans' credit requirements during the period of service, then

Equitrans has the right to require security or prepayment as

specified herein. If security or prepayment is not tendered in a

time period as reasonably determined by Equitrans, then Equitrans

is not required to continue service. If Customer is unable to

maintain credit approval, the executed Service Agreement shall

terminate as of the first day of the month following written notice

to Customer.


6.6 Acceptance of Service Requests. Equitrans will evaluate and

respond to requests for service as soon as is reasonably

possible. Equitrans will accept those requests for firm service

which satisfy all applicable operational and creditworthiness

criteria when and to the extent that Equitrans determines that

capacity is available in Equitrans' existing facilities

and that such capacity is not subject to a prior claim by

another Customer or class of service under a preexisting

Service Agreement or certificate. Equitrans will accept those

requests for interruptible service which satisfy all applicable

operational and creditworthiness criteria. If the service

request is accepted by Equitrans, the earnest money deposit will

be applied against the first amounts due from the Customer to

Equitrans until fully used. If the request is not accepted by

Equitrans or if service is not otherwise offered, the earnest

money deposit will be refunded with interest. If service is

offered to a Customer under terms which are substantially

different from those requested, the Customer may elect not to

receive such service and shall be entitled to a refund of its



6.7 Execution of Service Agreement. If an applicant's

request for service and credit evaluation comply with this