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Effective Date: 11/19/1998, Docket: CP96-532-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 212 Original Sheet No. 212 : Effective






3.1 Unit of Measurement for service under any rate schedule shall be one

(1) dekatherm (1,000,000 BTUs). The number of dekatherms shall be

determined by multiplying the number of cubic feet of gas received

or delivered, measured on the measurement basis, herein specified, by

the heating value of such gas, in British Thermal Units per cubic

foot, as defined in Section 1 above, and dividing the product by 1

million (1,000,000).


3.2 Factors to be Considered - To determine the volume of gas delivered,

required factors shall be applied to take account of the pressure,

temperature, specific gravity and deviation from Boyle's Law of the

gas delivered at a point of measurement. Where measurement is by

orifice meter, the procedure for computation of gas volumes,

including the determination of orifice flow constant, shall conform

to the referenced AGATM Report No. 3 of the Natural Gas Department

of the American Gas Association, dated September, 1969, as revised

from time to time, applied in a practical manner.


3.3 Assumed Atmospheric Pressure - The average atmospheric (barometric)

pressure shall be assumed to be 14.4 pounds per square inch absolute,

regardless of actual elevation or location of the delivery point

above sea level or variations in actual barometric pressure from

time to time.


3.4 Specific Gravity - The specific gravity of the gas shall be

determined by test, using an Acme Specific Gravity Balance or other

approved instrument, at the commencement of deliveries to Buyer and

as often thereafter as deemed necessary, or if agreed upon between

Equitrans and Shipper, by the use of a recorder periodically checked

by an Acme Specific Gravity Balance or other approved instrument,

or by other accepted methods.


3.5 Deviation from Boyle's Law - Deviation from Boyle's Law shall be

determined by tests, or computed by approved methods, based upon the

composition of the gas and conditions at the point of measurement,

with such reasonable frequency as shall be deemed necessary.