Equitrans, L. P.

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 08/01/2005, Docket: RP05-164-005, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 83 First Revised Sheet No. 83 : Effective





2.5 Service rights under Rate Schedule PS may not be released or



2.6 Transportation of gas to the Market Aggregation Points for ultimate

delivery to the delivery point shall be effectuated pursuant to the

rates, terms and conditions of Rate Schedules FTS or ITS. The

applicable rates will be assessed only on gas delivered to the

Market Aggregation Point.


2.7 Service under this Rate Schedule shall be subject to Operational

Flow Orders pursuant to Section 11 of the General Terms and

Conditions of this Tariff. Nothing in this Rate Schedule shall

limit Equitrans' right to interrupt service or to take other action

as may be required to alleviate conditions which threaten the

integrity of its system.




Pool Operators receiving service under this Rate Schedule shall be

permitted to nominate receipts from any point into the applicable Market

Aggregation Point, and deliveries from the applicable Market Aggregation

Point to any point, pursuant to the applicable Rate Schedules FTS or ITS

agreements, and in accordance with Section 7 of the General Terms and





4.1 Subject to Section 6 of this Rate Schedule, no rates will be charged

for service under this Rate Schedule; provided, however, that

nothing in this Rate Schedule PS shall be construed to relieve

Customers from their obligation to pay applicable rates and other

charges, including retainage, under their Rate Schedule FTS and/or

ITS service agreements.


4.2 Equitrans reserves the right to file with the FERC to implement

charges to recover all costs of providing service under this Rate

Schedule. Before Equitrans implements such a charge, Pool Operators

shall have the right to terminate their Rate Schedule PS Service

Agreements that are subject to such charge.




5.1 The Pool Operator is responsible for nominating gas supply into and

from its Pool in accordance with Section 8 (Scheduling of Service)

of the General Terms and Conditions. In addition, the Pool Operator

will provide as part of its nomination the following information: