Equitrans, L. P.

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 08/01/2005, Docket: RP05-164-005, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 82 First Revised Sheet No. 82 : Effective








This Rate Schedule is available to any party (hereinafter called "Pool

Operator") which has (i) requested Pooling Service from Equitrans; (ii)

entered into a service agreement with Equitrans for service under this

Rate Schedule; (iii) identified the Rate Schedule FTS or Rate Schedule

ITS service agreements with Equitrans into which its pool will operate;

and (iv) complied with the provisions of this Rate Schedule and with all

other provisions of Equitrans' FERC Gas Tariff.




2.1 This Rate Schedule is an accounting service for gas supplies

transported on Equitrans' transmission system. In accordance with

this Rate Schedule, Pool Operator may aggregate or pool gas supplies

for the purposes of transporting gas supply delivered into the

Original Equitrans system or the CIPCO District.


2.2 Service under this Rate Schedule is interruptible. Upon

interruption of service hereunder, Pool Operator will be required to

nominate gas supplies using the applicable Rate Schedules FTS and/or

ITS service agreements in accordance with Section 8 of the General

Terms and Conditions of Equitrans' FERC Gas Tariff.


2.3 Service under this Rate Schedule shall apply to gas nominated by a

Pool Operator under this Rate Schedule for delivery to the Equitrans

Market Aggregation Point or the CIPCO District Market Aggregation

Point, up to the Maximum Daily Quantity ("MDQ") established in the

applicable Rate Schedule FTS and/or ITS service agreements. The

Equitrans Market Aggregation Point and the CIPCO District Market

Aggregation Point are not physical delivery points on Equitrans'

system, but rather nomination points where natural gas supplies are

aggregated for transportation to downstream delivery points.


2.4 Each Pool Operator is responsible for ensuring that daily

nominations into the Market Aggregation Points match daily

nominations from the Market Aggregation Points. All daily receipts

from the Market Aggregation Points must be nominated to either an

eligible delivery point on the Equitrans system or an approved Pool

Operator. Failure of a Pool Operator to have a nominated zero pool

balance at the Market Aggregation Points at the end of each gas day

will result in an imbalance charge in accordance with Section 6 of

this Rate Schedule.