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Effective Date: 05/16/2010, Docket: RP10-616-000, Status: Effective

Fourth Revised Sheet No. 75 Fourth Revised Sheet No. 75

Superseding: 2nd Sub Third Revised Sheet No. 75








5.1 The Customer will be responsible for nominating from the

Appalachian receipt points to the applicable Gathering Aggregation

Points, and for confirming all nominations for transportation from

the Gathering Aggregation Points to the delivery point(s). Equitrans

shall have no obligation to schedule gas for transportation from an

Appalachian receipt point to a Gathering Aggregation Point unless it

receives confirmation that a Customer will accept the gas at the

Gathering Aggregation Point for redelivery downstream.


5.2 For the delivery of gas from the Appalachian receipt point to

the Gathering Aggregation Point, the following procedures shall



(a) The Customer will provide via email or Equitrans' EBB System, a

complete list of meters behind each Gathering Aggregation Point

for the month in which production first flows under Customer's

AGS Service Agreement and changes to that list for subsequent

production months, at least thirty (30) days in advance of the

first day gas will flow. The Customer and Equitrans will agree

in advance on the monthly production to be received at each

Gathering Aggregation Point.


(b) Equitrans will provide Gathering Aggregation quantity estimates

including the prior month actuals with imbalances and production

estimates on or about the 20th working day of the month to the

Customer. Confirmation of estimates will be due from the

Customer at least one day prior to the nomination due date.


(c) Gathering Aggregation Point title transfers by the Customer

shall be permitted on an interruptible basis. Equitrans will

offer up to a total of three title transfers per Customer each

month, either incoming or outgoing. Title transfers may be made

to another Customer at the same Gathering Aggregation Point or,

subject to approval by Equitrans, to a Customer at a different

Gathering Aggregation Point. Gathering Aggregation Point title

transfers may be effectuated after quantity estimates have been

issued by Equitrans and Equitrans has confirmed that the

transferring Customer has sufficient supply to effectuate the

title transfer. Gathering Aggregation Point title transfers

must be confirmed via Equitrans' EBB System by both the

transferor and transferee on or before the 25th working day of

the month. This Section does not prohibit or limit the number

of title transfer services provided by third party providers.


(d) The Customer will nominate quantities to be delivered