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Effective Date: 05/16/2010, Docket: RP10-616-000, Status: Effective

Second Revised Sheet No. 43 Second Revised Sheet No. 43

Superseding: First Revised Sheet No. 43





remaining gas in storage in excess of the specified level on an

expedited schedule determined by Equitrans. In the event that

Equitrans schedules the withdrawal of the gas remaining in storage,

Equitrans shall assess a scheduling penalty of $0.25/Dth for the

remaining gas in storage in addition to the required storage

withdrawal charge.


6.8 Equitrans is authorized to withdraw any portion of the 25% of a

Customer's TASQ remaining in storage after the conclusion of

the withdrawal period for operational purposes subject to the

requirement that Equitrans reinject an equivalent quantity of

gas for the Customer's account prior to the first day of the

next withdrawal period.




Upon request of the Customer, Equitrans may, at its reasonable

discretion, withdraw natural gas in excess of the Customer's MDWQ

specified in the executed Storage Service Agreement. At no time may the

Customer inject or withdraw a quantity in excess of its TASQ. All

requests for storage overrun service shall receive a priority in the

first-come/first-served queue that is equal to any requests for

interruptible storage service under Rate Schedule INSS. The rate for

the storage overrun service is set forth on Statement of Rates for Rate

Schedule 60SS of this Tariff.




Title to gas stored on behalf of the Customer under this Rate

Schedule will remain with the Customer except as title is transferred

under this Section.


(a) A Customer under Rate Schedule 60SS may transfer, by sale or

otherwise, all or a portion of its storage inventory on any day

during the year to any other Customer that is a current Customer

under this Part 284 service, under the following conditions:


(i) The transfer does not cause the transferee's total

quantity of gas in storage to exceed the TASQ specified in its

Storage Service Agreement;


(ii) Both the transferee and the transferor of the stored quantity

provide Equitrans with verification of the transfer through

Equitrans' EBB System. The