El Paso Natural Gas Company

First Revised Volume No. 1-A

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Effective Date: 09/01/1991, Docket: RP88- 44-019, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 317 First Revised Sheet No. 317 : Superseded

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 317






9.2 All substances, whether or not of commercial value,

including all liquid hydrocarbons of whatever nature, except substances

expressly reserved for Shipper, that El Paso recovers in the course of

transporting the quantities of natural gas tendered hereunder to Shipper

shall be El Paso's sole property and El Paso shall not be obligated to

account to Shipper for any value, whether or not realized by El Paso,

that may attach or be said to attach to such substances.


9.3 Exhibits A, B and C, attached to this Agreement, are

hereby incorporated by reference as part of this Agreement. The parties

may amend Exhibits A, B or C by mutual agreement, which amendments shall

be reflected in a revised Exhibit A, B or C and shall be incorporated by

reference as part of this Agreement.


9.4 With El Paso's prior consent, which shall not be

unreasonably withheld, Shipper may convert any one or more full

requirements Delivery Point(s) hereunder to Delivery Point(s) with a

fixed Maximum Daily Quantity or reduce the Maximum Daily Quantity for

any Delivery Point that has a Maximum Daily Quantity. Shipper may

provide El Paso with one year's prior written notice of Shipper's desire

to effect such conversion or reduction. The notice shall specify the

applicable Maximum Daily Quantity for each Delivery Point to be

converted or reduced, which Maximum Daily Quantity shall not be more

than the actual delivery capacity for such Delivery Point(s).

Conversion of any one or more points hereunder shall not affect the full

requirements status of Shipper's remaining Delivery Point(s). If El

Paso does not notify Shipper in writing within one hundred eighty (180)

days after receiving such notice that El Paso objects to such conversion

or reduction, El Paso shall be deemed to have consented thereto.


(Paragraph 9.4 is to be used for "Full Requirements" Shippers)