El Paso Natural Gas Company

First Revised Volume No. 1-A

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Effective Date: 04/01/1993, Docket: RS92- 60-011, Status: Effective

Substitute Original Sheet No. 297B Substitute Original Sheet No. 297B : Superseded







28.19 Nominations and Scheduling (Continued)


close of Day 1 scheduling for the day on which the recall is

to take effect. Releasing Shipper, when returning recalled

capacity to the Acquiring Shipper(s), shall give El Paso and

such Acquiring Shipper(s) notice prior to the close of Day 1

scheduling for the day on which the capacity is to revert to

the Acquiring Shipper(s).


28.20 Qualification for Participation in the Capacity Release

Program - Any Shipper wishing to become a Bidding Shipper, or

a potential Pre-Arranged Shipper, must satisfy the

creditworthiness requirements of El Paso's transportation

tariff by pre-qualifying prior to submitting a bid for

capacity or prior to becoming a party to a pre-arranged

release. Once a Shipper becomes an Acquiring Shipper, such

Shipper can be subject to an annual credit review with respect

to its eligibility to make additional bids on other offers of

released capacity. A Shipper cannot bid for services which

exceed its qualified level of creditworthiness.

Notwithstanding such qualification to participate in the open

season, El Paso does not guarantee the payment of any

outstanding amounts by an Acquiring Shipper.


28.21 Compliance by Acquiring Shipper - By acquiring released

capacity, an Acquiring Shipper agrees that it will comply with

the terms and conditions of El Paso's certificate of public

convenience and necessity authorizing this Capacity Release

Program and all applicable Commission orders and regulations,

including Part 284 thereof. Such Acquiring Shipper also

agrees to be responsible to El Paso for compliance with all

terms and conditions of El Paso's Volume No. 1-A Tariff, as

well as the terms and conditions of the Acquired Capacity

Agreement. End user lists shall not be required.


28.22 Obligations of Releasing Shipper - The Releasing Shipper shall

continue to be liable and responsible for all reservation

charge(s) and reservation surcharge(s) associated with the

released capacity up to the maximum reservation charge(s) and

reservation surcharge(s) specified in such Releasing Shipper's

Transportation Service Agreement or Acquired Capacity

Agreement. Re-releases by an Acquiring Shipper shall not

relieve the original or any subsequent Releasing Shipper of

its obligations under this section.