El Paso Natural Gas Company

First Revised Volume No. 1-A

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Effective Date: 10/01/1993, Docket: RS92- 60-016, Status: Effective

1st Rev Sub Original Sheet No. 277 1st Rev Sub Original Sheet No. 277 : Superseded







27.1 Definition of Unauthorized Gas - Unauthorized Gas is natural

gas that has not been scheduled as authorized to be received

by El Paso, either for its own purchase under any gas purchase

agreement, or for transportation to another market under any

Transportation Service Agreement in accordance with the

provisions of El Paso's FERC Gas Tariff. In addition, when a

well, with two or more designated markets is scheduled but one

or more markets fail to materialize, El Paso shall continue to

schedule the volumes confirmed for that part of the well's

production that has a market, but that portion for which the

market has failed to materialize will be classified as

unauthorized, unless this is the last well to be confirmed.


Unauthorized Gas is distinguished from transportation

imbalances which are excess volumes of natural gas delivered

into El Paso's facilities from any source scheduled to a

market in accordance with the provisions of this FERC Gas

Tariff on any day, including excess volumes from the last well

to be confirmed by contract that results in volumes in excess

of the confirmed volumes, when some lesser amount is expressly

authorized to flow on that day pursuant to Section 4.1 of the

General Terms and Conditions contained in this FERC Gas

Tariff. Such excess scheduled volumes from the last well to

be confirmed shall be subject to Sections 19.12 or 20.11 of

said General Terms and Conditions.


27.2 Unauthorized Gas Causing a Critical Situation - Upon

notification from El Paso of a critical Unauthorized Gas

situation, any party shall, within twenty-four (24) hours,

terminate any unauthorized flow into El Paso's facilities.

El Paso shall have the right to shut in, physically, the

source of any Unauthorized Gas. If, after the twenty-four

(24) hour notice period, any quantity of Unauthorized Gas

continues to flow into El Paso's system, El Paso shall retain,

except for partial market wells that have been classified as

unauthorized, at no cost to itself and free of any obligation

to account therefor in kind or otherwise to any person

claiming an interest therein, the full quantity of

Unauthorized Gas introduced into El Paso's facilities. A

critical Unauthorized Gas situation shall apply only when

El Paso, in good faith, has determined that the safety and/or

integrity of its system is threatened. Nothing herein shall

limit El Paso's right to take any other actions required to

maintain the safety and integrity of its system operations.