El Paso Natural Gas Company

First Revised Volume No. 1-A

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Effective Date: 10/01/1993, Docket: RS92- 60-016, Status: Effective

1st Rev Sub Original Sheet No. 240H 1st Rev Sub Original Sheet No. 240H : Superseded







20.12 Unauthorized Overpull Penalty (Continued)


(b) On any day El Paso determines that it is unable to

deliver the total volumes of gas scheduled for delivery

for the account of all Shippers, it shall have the right

to notify all receiving parties that an Unauthorized

Overpull Penalty situation exists. Contemporaneously

with, or shortly following such notice, El Paso shall

give notice to any receiving party who is taking volumes

at a level that would subject such party to an

Unauthorized Overpull Penalty as provided below.


(c) The quantity of gas subject to such penalty is that

quantity of gas taken by the receiving party which

exceeds the quantity of gas scheduled by El Paso for

delivery to such party on any day.


(d) Upon receipt of a notification from El Paso, such party

shall within twenty-four (24) hours reduce takes to a

level no more than 3% above its scheduled volume for such

day or 1,000 dth, whichever is larger. Such twenty-four

(24) hour notice period shall commence at seven (7:00)

a.m. Mountain Standard Time on the day after notice is

actually provided. If after the twenty-four (24) hour

notice period the receiving party continues to take

volumes of gas that exceed the foregoing threshold, an

Unauthorized Overpull Penalty shall be levied by El Paso

and paid in dollars by any receiving party as follows:


(i) A penalty of $5.00 per dth shall apply to all

unauthorized overrun volumes which exceed the 3% or

1,000 dth tolerance level, whichever is larger, up

to the first 5% of scheduled volumes; and


(ii) A penalty of $10.00 per dth shall apply to daily

unauthorized overrun volumes in excess of 5% of

scheduled volumes.


El Paso shall notify Shippers each day during an

Unauthorized Overpull Penalty situation, via El Paso's

Electronic Bulletin Board, that the situation continues