El Paso Natural Gas Company

First Revised Volume No. 1-A

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Effective Date: 05/01/1990, Docket: GT90- 26-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 229 Original Sheet No. 229 : Superseded







Interruptible transportation service under this FERC Gas

Tariff shall be provided when, and to the extent that, El Paso

determines that capacity is available in El Paso's existing

facilities, which capacity is not subject to a prior claim by

another customer or another class of service under a pre-existing

contract, service agreement or certificate. Available

interruptible capacity shall be allocated by El Paso on a first

come/first served basis, as determined by El Paso, and

interruptible transportation service hereunder shall be provided in

accordance with such allocation.


The provisions of this Section 19 shall also be applicable to

interruptible service under special rate schedules contained in

El Paso's Volume No. 2 Tariff.


19.1 A valid request for interruptible transportation service under

this FERC Gas Tariff made after the effectiveness of Section

23 hereof shall be in accordance with, and contain the data

required by the provisions contained in such Section 23.


19.2 With respect to all requests for interruptible service by a

Shipper who had not contracted for service prior to October 9,

1985, the provisions of Sections 19.3 through 19.6 and Section

23.6 shall govern.


19.3 On any day that sufficient capacity is not available in

El Paso's system to provide transportation for all gas

tendered under executed Transportation Service Agreements with

Shippers referred to in Section 19.2 above, El Paso shall

allocate its available capacity among such Shippers on a first

come/first served basis. For purposes of allocating such

capacity, any Shipper holding an effective Transportation

Service Agreement or any Shipper who has furnished El Paso

with a valid request complying with the requirements contained

in Section 19.4 and in Section 23, when accepted by El Paso in

an executed Transportation Service Agreement, will be entitled

to priority over any Shipper furnishing El Paso with a valid

request on a later date and shall be unaffected by and shall

have priority over subsequent requests for service under Rate

Schedule T-1.