El Paso Natural Gas Company

First Revised Volume No. 1-A

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Effective Date: 09/01/1991, Docket: RP88- 44-019, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 212E Original Sheet No. 212E : Superseded





5. QUALITY (Continued)


5.5 El Paso agrees to accept natural gas (including volumes in

excess of the volumes identified in Sections 5.2 and 5.3)

which does not conform to the quality specifications set forth

in Sections 5.1(e) and (f) at the Receipt Point(s), but only

until such time as El Paso, in its reasonable discretion and

judgement, determines that such natural gas must conform to

the quality specifications set forth above to maintain prudent

operation of part or all of El Paso's system. In exercising

its discretion to discontinue accepting nonconforming natural

gas under this Section, El Paso will consider only the volume,

compositions and location of the gas, and the impact of its

continued introduction into El Paso's system on El Paso's

operations and an ability to meet its obligations to third

parties, and will appropriately document the basis for its

decision. Upon determining that it will no longer accept

non-conforming volumes, El Paso will notify Shippers and/or

plant operators that all prospective deliveries must comply

with the quality specifications set forth above and that the

provisions of Section 5.8 below shall be applicable to all

natural gas tendered for transportation which does not so

comply. In the event the aforementioned occurrences cause

El Paso to curtail volumes at plant and/or interconnect

Receipt Points such curtailment shall exclude those plant

and/or interconnect volumes identified in Sections 5.2 and

5.3, provided, however, if El Paso determines that it must

further curtail volumes of non-conforming gas to meet El

Paso's delivery specifications for carbon dioxide and/or total

diluents, El Paso shall curtail volumes down to 125% of the

historical volumes for those plants identified in Section 5.2

on the following basis:


(a) First, volumes of natural gas that did not meet the 967

Btu standard would be curtailed in order of lowest Btu to

highest down to the level of 125% of historical volumes;


(b) Second, plants with pipeline interconnects in addition to

El Paso would be curtailed down to the level of 125% of

historical volumes on a pro rata basis; and


(c) Third, all other volumes would be curtailed on a pro rata

basis, based on a percentage of such volumes that are out

of compliance as to the particular substance that is

causing the problem, down to 125% of historical volumes.