El Paso Natural Gas Company

First Revised Volume No. 1-A

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Effective Date: 09/01/1991, Docket: RP88- 44-038, Status: Effective

1st Sub Original Sheet No. 127 1st Sub Original Sheet No. 127 : Superseded



Firm Transportation Service



3. RATE (Continued)


3.3 Production Area Charges: In addition to the applicable

charges set forth in Sections 3.1 and 3.2 above, if the

natural gas received at the Receipt Point(s) receives any

production area services, Shipper shall pay El Paso an amount

determined as the maximum charge for "Dehydration,"

"Purification," and/or "Products Extraction," unless otherwise

provided, as set forth on Sheet No. 23 of this Volume No. 1-A

Tariff, or superseding tariff, multiplied by the quantity of

natural gas receiving such service(s). The quantity of

natural gas to which these charges shall apply is determined

at the end of the field transportation system, or the products

extraction plant inlet, when applicable. All volumes

receiving production area services in the Jal Plant Complex

(consisting of El Paso's Jal Plants, the Sid Richardson Plant,

the Warren Eunice Plant, the Warren Monument Plant and the

Texaco Eunice Plant) shall pay the applicable production area

charge specified herein for any services received,

irrespective of which plant provides such service, plus a

pro rata share of any charge, whether in cash or in-kind,

assessed by a third-party plant operator in the Jal Complex.


Such production area charges shall not apply if a Shipper

provides to El Paso, fifteen (15) days before initial

deliveries of natural gas under an executed Transportation

Service Agreement and thereafter fifteen (15) days before each

annual anniversary date of such initial deliveries, the

results from tests conducted within the previous thirty (30)

days by an independent testing firm demonstrating that the gas

is in conformance ("conformance gas") with El Paso's quality

specifications set forth in Section 5.1 of the Transportation

General Terms and Conditions contained in this Volume No. 1-A

Tariff. Shipper may have subsequent tests conducted anytime

after its gas fails the annual conformance test. In the event

the results of such test proves conformance with the

applicable quality specifications of El Paso's tariff and are

provided to El Paso fifteen (15) days prior to the first day

of any calendar month, then production area charges shall not

apply effective the first day of the following calendar month

after El Paso receives such notice. Additionally, if the

purification and/or products extraction charge(s) are

applicable but such test results demonstrate that the gas is

being dehydrated to conform to said Section 5.1, then no

dehydration charge shall apply. However, if El Paso, through