El Paso Natural Gas Company

Second Revised Volume No. 1A

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Effective Date: 04/01/2010, Docket: RP10-454-001, Status: Effective

Fourth Revised Sheet No. 202B.01 Fourth Revised Sheet No. 202B.01

Superseding: Third Revised Sheet No. 202B.01





1. DEFINITIONS (Continued)


1.28 "GT&C" - The Transportation General Terms and Conditions of this



1.29 "Heating Value" - The quantity of heat, measured in Btu, produced

by combustion in air of one (1) cubic foot of anhydrous gas at a

temperature of sixty degrees Fahrenheit (60°F) and a constant

pressure of fourteen and seventy-three hundredths pounds per square

inch absolute (14.73 psia), the air being at the same temperature

and pressure as the gas, after the products of combustion are

cooled to the initial temperature of the gas and air, and after

condensation of the water formed by combustion.


1.30 "Hourly Entitlement Enhancement Nomination" or "HEEN" - A nomination

submitted by a firm Shipper to reserve part or all of its MDQ for

the nominated flow day to support non-uniform hourly deliveries at a

qualified point. HEEN nominations may only be made by Shippers with

TSAs under Rate Schedules FT-1, FTH-V, FT-H, NNTD and NNTH and may

only be submitted for the Timely or Evening Nomination Cycles and

must involve a HEEN Qualified Delivery Point (or Qualified Delivery

Point), pursuant to the specifications of Section 8.1(i).


1.31 "Hourly Contract Entitlement" - A Shipper's Hourly Contract

Entitlement for firm transportation service is the quantity

calculated by multiplying the applicable MDQ times 1/24 times the

hourly service rights under the applicable rate schedule (for

example, 100% for FT-1, 150% for FTH-12, etc.).


1.32 "Hourly Scheduled Entitlement" - The hourly rights determined by the

daily gas quantities nominated by a Shipper and scheduled by

Transporter, which is the quantity calculated by multiplying the

daily scheduled quantity (up to Shipper's MDQ if applicable) times

1/24 times the hourly service rights under the applicable rate

schedule (for example, 100% for FT-1 and IT-1, 150% for FTH-12,

etc.). The daily scheduled quantity includes the scheduled Flowing

Gas quantities and the HEEN scheduled quantities, if applicable.


1.33 "Hourly Scheduling Penalty Quantity" - The quantity taken at a

Delivery Point, as allocated to Shipper pursuant to Section 10.5,

that exceeds the Shipper's Hourly Scheduled Entitlement, and any no-

notice quantities, if applicable. The Hourly Scheduling Penalty

Quantity consists of two components, a scheduling quantity and an

overrun quantity.