El Paso Natural Gas Company

Second Revised Volume No. 1A

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Effective Date: 04/01/2010, Docket: RP10-454-001, Status: Effective

Fifth Revised Sheet No. 202D Fifth Revised Sheet No. 202D

Superseding: Fourth Revised Sheet No. 202D




1. DEFINITIONS (Continued)

1.43 "North System" - That portion of Transporter's transportation

system that is north of Dutch Flat Station on the Havasu crossover

and north and/or west of the south discharge of Plains Station.

Section 1.66 of the GT&C provides an illustration of the North



1.44 "One Thousand Cubic Feet" ("Mcf") - The quantity of Natural Gas

occupying a volume of one thousand (1,000) cubic feet at a

temperature of sixty degrees Fahrenheit (60°F) and at a pressure of

fourteen and seventy-three hundredths pounds per square inch

absolute (14.73 psia).


1.45 "Operator" - The person or entity that controls the movement of gas

through an Interconnect.


1.46 "Operationally Equivalent" - A point is Operationally Equivalent if

the following conditions apply: 1) if the distance between the

Receipt Point and Delivery Point is sufficient to provide workable

linepack, 2) if the delivery lateral, where applicable, has

comparable or better diameter, capacity and pressure conditions,

and 3) if the Flow Path is equivalent to the points listed in the

original agreement.


1.47 "PAL Point" - The transaction point(s) on Transporter's system

where parking and lending services are provided to Shipper, as

specified in the executed PALSA. PAL points will be associated

with the existing Transporter Production Area or California pools.


1.48 "Path Quantity" - The amount of TCD rights available under a

Shipper's firm TSA on a physical or Virtual Path on Transporter's

pipeline system.


1.49 "Permian to Anadarko Fuel" - The Fuel charge applicable to

transport service where gas is received in the Permian Basin and

delivered to the Anadarko Basin.

1.50 "Permian Basin" - For purposes of the application of rates and the

assessment of Fuel charges, service within the Permian Basin shall

be comprised of gas receipts and deliveries occurring south of

Roswell Station, east of the suction of Guadalupe Station, east of

the suction of Gresham Station, and south of Dimmitt Station.


1.51 "Pool" - The physical or paper Receipt Points determined by

Transporter at which supplies may be aggregated and disaggregated.

The Pooling areas are identified on Transporter's EBB.

1.52 "Pre-Arranged Shipper" - Any Shipper who is qualified, pursuant to

Section 9.18, and seeks to acquire capacity under a pre-arranged

release for which notice is given pursuant to Section 9.4.