El Paso Natural Gas Company

Second Revised Volume No. 1A

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Effective Date: 04/01/2010, Docket: RP10-454-001, Status: Effective

Fifteenth Revised Sheet No. 202 Fifteenth Revised Sheet No. 202

Superseding: Fourteenth Revised Sheet No. 202





1. DEFINITIONS (Continued)


1.7 "Business Day" - Monday through Friday, excluding Federal Banking



1.8 "Capacity Release Program" - The administrative process followed by

Transporter to allow a Shipper to release all or part of the

pipeline transportation capacity held under an Executed TSA, as set

forth in Section 9.


1.9 "Clock Time" - An indication that Transporter will adjust its Gas

Day to reflect changes for Daylight Savings Time. See Section 1.12

of the GT&C.


1.10 "Critical Condition" - Those periods when a Strained Operating

Condition ("SOC") or a Critical Operating Condition ("COC") is

declared pursuant to Section 11.1. When no SOC or COC is declared,

it shall be termed a non-Critical Condition.


1.10A "Critical Condition Rate" - The rate used to calculate penalties and

charges incurred during a Critical Condition. The Critical

Condition Rate shall be the higher of: 1) the Daily Mid-Point Spot

Price, or 2) the Monthly System Cash Out Index Price.


1.10B "Daily Mid-Point Spot Price" - Pursuant to Section 11.1, the Daily

Mid-Point Spot Price shall be the highest price reported either as

delivered to Transporter's Mainline System at West Texas, Permian or

Waha in the Permian Basin or as delivered to Transporter's Mainline

System at Ignacio, San Juan, or New Mexico in the San Juan Basin or

as delivered to the California border for that Day. For purposes of

determining the Daily Mid-Point Spot Price, Transporter will use the

following trade publications to determine such prices in each basin

and at the California border: Platt's Gas Daily (Daily Price

Survey), and Natural Gas Intelligence Daily Gas Price Index (Cash

Market Prices).


In the event any of the publications cease publication or to the

extent a publication fails to report the applicable spot prices,

then Transporter may substitute prices reported in a similar

independent publication or continue the pricing formula using the

remaining publication. If there is a permanent change in a

publication, Transporter will file to revise its Tariff to identify

a new publication within 60 Days of the change. Changes in the

name, format or other method of reporting by the publications in

this Section 1.10B that do not materially affect the content shall

not affect their use hereunder.