El Paso Natural Gas Company

Second Revised Volume No. 1A

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Effective Date: 05/01/2008, Docket: RP05-422-028, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 150G First Revised Sheet No. 150G

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 150G



Operator Point Aggregation Service





6.3 (Continued)


(b) The individual MDO quantity shall be at least equal to, but

never less than, the total contracted CMQ at such meter.


(c) Downward MDO adjustments will not change existing pressure

requirements as specified in Shipper's TSA(s), unless other

mutually agreed upon changes in the TSA(s) require a change

in the pressure requirements.


6.4 Pursuant to Section 2.5(d) of this Rate Schedule, if Transporter

and DP Operator agree to MDO/MHO quantity reductions, the OPASA

shall be amended or replaced to reflect the adjusted levels and

Transporter will post the new MDO/MHO quantities on its EBB and the

new MDO/MHO quantities shall become effective no earlier than the

fifth Business Day following the posting.


6.5 Should DP Operator and Transporter be unable to agree on the

reduced MDO/MHO quantities, Transporter will make a determination

of the MDO/MHO quantities to be reduced, in its best judgment and

in a not unduly discriminatory manner. In making such

determination, Transporter will consider the operational factors

that result in the smallest MDO/MHO adjustment quantity and/or the

impact to the fewest meters within the D-Code, and will balance its

consideration of such factors with an effort to spread MDO/MHO

reductions across multiple DP Operators where feasible, so that

reductions are not unduly discriminatory and do not unnecessarily

impact a single DP Operator. Where, consistent with prudent

operation of the pipeline, the minimized impacts could be

distributed to more than one DP Operator, Transporter shall

calculate the MDO reduction quantity and allocate the remaining MDO

quantities pursuant to Section 6.5(a) of this Rate Schedule.


(a) At the affected DP Operators' locations, Transporter shall

determine the excess MDO amount (i.e., total MDO in excess of

total CMQ). The excess MDO amount less the MDO reduction

quantity shall be allocated pro rata, based on the respective

CMQs, among all affected locations, subject to Section 6.3(b)

of this Rate Schedule; provided, however, the revised MDOs

shall not exceed the pre-existing MDOs, unless matched with

new firm contract quantities.