East Tennessee Natural Gas, LLC

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 01/01/2009, Docket: RP09-76-000, Status: Effective

Second Revised Sheet No. 372 Second Revised Sheet No. 372

Superseding: First Revised Sheet No. 372




18.15 Recall/Reput Provisions (continued).


(b) Partial Day Recall Quantity


The daily contractual entitlement that can be recalled by a

Releasing Shipper for a partial Day recall is a quantity

equal to the lesser of:

(1) The quantity specified in the Releasing Shipper's notice

to recall capacity; or

(2) The difference between the quantity released by the

Releasing Shipper and the Elapsed Prorata Capacity.


In the recall notification provided to Transporter by the

Releasing Shipper, the quantity to be recalled shall be

expressed in terms of the adjusted total released capacity

entitlements based upon the Elapsed Prorata Capacity. In the

event of an intra-day capacity recall, Transporter shall

determine the allocation of capacity between the Releasing

Shipper and the Replacement Shipper(s) based upon the Elapsed

Prorata Capacity.


The amount of capacity allocated to the Replacement

Shipper(s) shall equal the original released quantity less

the recalled capacity. This allocated daily contractual

quantity shall be used for purposes of nominations, billing,

and if applicable, for overrun calculations. As a result of

the allocation of capacity described in this section,

Transporter shall not be obligated to deliver a combined

quantity to the Releasing Shipper and the Replacement

Shipper(s) that is in excess of the total daily contract

quantity of the release.


(c) Reput Provisions


Transporter shall support the function of reputting by the

Releasing Shipper. The Releasing Shipper may reput

previously recalled capacity to the Replacement Shipper

pursuant to the reput rights and methods identified in the

Releasing Shipper's Notice to release capacity, as required

by Section 18.2(e) above. When capacity is recalled, such

capacity may not be reput for the same Gas Day. The deadline

for the Releasing Shipper to notify Transporter of a reput of

capacity is 8:00 A.M. CCT to allow the Replacement Shipper to

submit timely nominations for gas to flow on the next Gas