East Tennessee Natural Gas, LLC

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 03/01/2009, Docket: RP08-487-002, Status: Effective

Substitute Original Sheet No. 315B.06 Substitute Original Sheet No. 315B.06




5.8 Allocation of Firm Capacity (continued)


(b) Expansion Capacity (continued)



(4) Solicitation for Turnback Capacity. Transporter will

conduct a solicitation for Turnback Capacity ("reverse

open season") related to any expansion project open

season conducted pursuant to Section 5.8(b) (it being

understood that solicitation of Turnback Capacity will

only occur in instances where redundant construction

could be avoided through the use of Turnback

Capacity). No later than 90 days after the close of

the expansion project open season, Transporter will

post a notice of the reverse open season on the LINK®

System. The notice of the reverse open season will

include the following information:


(a) identification of the related open season;


(b) the dates on which the reverse open season

begins and ends;


(c) the purpose of, and the benefits to be derived

from, the reverse open season;


(d) a description of the criteria that the Shipper's

capacity must meet in order to be considered as

part of the reverse open season;


(e) whether the reverse open season is binding or

non-binding; and


(f) any other information necessary to describe the

reverse open season.


(c) Interim Service. Capacity that is under contract for a

future period pursuant to Section 5.8(a) or Section 5.8(b)

will be made available on an interim basis up to the service

commencement date of such contract for a future period

("Interim Capacity"). The availability of Interim Capacity,

including any limitations on the renewal rights for such

capacity, will be posted on Transporter's LINK® System in

accordance with Section 5.8(a)(1). Any party desiring to

submit a bid for such Interim Capacity must submit its bid

online via the LINK® System in accordance with the

provisions of Sections 5.8(a)(5) and 5.8(a)(6). Such

Interim Capacity shall be available for bidding for at least

five (5) Business Days. Transporter shall award the Interim

Capacity and post a notice of the winning bid(s) on the

LINK® System, in accordance with Sections 5.8(a)(7) through

5.8(a)(10). The right of first refusal will not be

applicable to any service agreement entered into pursuant to

this Section 5.8(c).