East Tennessee Natural Gas, LLC

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 03/01/2009, Docket: RP08-487-002, Status: Effective

Substitute Second Revised Sheet No. 315A Substitute Second Revised Sheet No. 315A

Superseding: First Revised Sheet No. 315A




5.5 Transporter shall not be required to perform the requested service in the event all

facilities (except, and limited to, minor taps) necessary to render the requested

service do not exist at the time the request is made. However, Transporter and

Shipper may agree to the construction of the new facilities necessary to render

such service.


5.6 No request for service from a Receipt Point or to a Delivery Point shall be granted

if to do so would impair Transporter's ability to render services pursuant to

Transporter's firm service rate schedules.


5.7 Changing Primary Receipt and Delivery Points


(a) Shipper may submit a request to change the Primary Receipt or Delivery

Points under its FT-A, FT-L, or FT-GS Agreement (including

redistributing the Maximum Daily Receipt Obligation or Maximum Daily

Delivery Obligation, as applicable, among points). Such request must be

submitted to Transporter via the LINK® System. Requests for Primary

Receipt and Delivery Point amendments pursuant to this section shall be

given priority over all interruptible service requested through such

points. The amendment shall not have any priority over any outstanding

requests for firm transportation service requesting such points as

primary points. Shipper shall lose its priority at previously

designated Primary Receipt and/or Delivery Points to the extent that the

amendment reduces the MDRO or MDDO, as applicable, at any such

previously designated primary point. Both the total quantity specified

for all Primary Receipt Points and the total quantity specified for all

Primary Delivery Points shall equal the Maximum Daily Transportation

Quantity stated in the FT-A, FT-L, or FT-GS Agreement. Once Transporter

has awarded the capacity to Shipper, Transporter and Shipper shall

promptly execute a revised Exhibit A to the affected FT-A, FT-L, or FT-

GS Agreement.


(b) (1) Transporter will evaluate requests to amend Primary Receipt and/or

Primary Delivery Points and will award capacity in an open season

held pursuant to Section 5.8 below.


(2) Transporter may refuse a request for amendment of Primary Receipt

and/or Primary Delivery Points to the extent sufficient capacity is

not available at the requested point(s) or if the requested



(i) impairs Transporter's ability to provide firm service to

other Shippers, has the effect of causing Transporter's

existing Shippers to lose access to gas supplies or deprives

existing Shippers of their ability to utilize the capacity

for which they have paid;

(ii) adversely affects the operational integrity of the system;

(iii) reduces the reservation charges applicable to the agreement;

(iv) is subject to mainline bidding and/or a Shipper's right of

first refusal; or

(v) is subject to Transporter's reservation of capacity pursuant

to Section 5.8(b)(3) below.


If Transporter rejects any request for a primary point change,

Transporter will notify the requesting Shipper via email of its

reason(s) for such rejection.