East Tennessee Natural Gas, LLC

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 08/02/2010, Docket: RP10-946-000, Status: Effective

Fourth Revised Sheet No. 175 Fourth Revised Sheet No. 175

Superseding: Substitute Third Revised Sheet No. 175


Rate Schedule LMS-MA

Load Management (Market Area) Service (Continued)



(b) Nominations for SDO:


(i) Under SDO, Transporter will nominate Balancing Party's designated

FT-A Agreement(s) from the storage receipt(s) to the delivery

points(s) covered by Balancing Party's OBA and at which the excess

takes occurred.


(ii) Transporter will nominate a quantity up to the lesser of Balancing

Party's MDTQ or storage maximum daily withdrawal quantity. Any

volumes nominated by Balancing Party and scheduled by Transporter on

the designated FT-A Agreement(s) and/or the designated storage

agreements will reduce the MDTQ and/or storage maximum daily

withdrawal quantity available for SDO.


(iii) Balancing Party must verify the quantity of gas scheduled for

delivery at the delivery point(s) within two (2) Business Days from

the Day the gas was delivered. Transporter will nominate the

quantities to be withdrawn from the storage account for SDO after

Balancing Party has verified the quantities delivered, but no later

than five days after the last Day of the Month. Balancing Party's

failure to provide accurate verifications of quantities of gas

delivered may result in termination of SDO after eight (8) hours'

prior notice from Transporter.


(iv) Any Balancing Party electing SDO and utilizing Transporter's LNG

facilities shall pay to Transporter the applicable LNGS rate(s) as

set forth in the LNGS Rate Schedule and the Notice of Rates and

Other Tariff Rate Changes of this Tariff for the withdrawals from

storage. In addition, any Balancing Party electing SDO shall pay to

Transporter a "Transportation Component." The Transportation

Component for SDO shall be equal to the applicable commodity rate,

plus fuel, under Transporter's FT-A Rate Schedule, multiplied by the

volumes in excess of the MAD MDTQ.


(c) Upon eight (8) hours' prior notice to Balancing Party, Transporter has the

right to terminate SDO for Balancing Party's violation of any provisions of

this Section 7.4. Balancing Party has the right, at its sole discretion,

to terminate SDO with eight (8) hours prior notice to Transporter,

effective at the beginning of the next Gas Day.


(d) Balancing Party may only utilize a TPP storage point(s) for SDO upon the

TPP's execution of both a Balancing Agreement under Rate Schedule LMS-PA

and a TPP Amendment.




8.1 MAD Service Charge: A Balancing Party that has elected the Cashout Option may also

be subject to a MAD Service Charge as set forth in Section 7.