Gulf Crossing Pipeline Company LLC

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Effective Date: 12/20/2008, Docket: RP09-61-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 1252 Original Sheet No. 1252



Section 20




20.4 Subject to Section 20.3 above, Gulf Crossing shall construct,

modify, rearrange, reactivate, or install Requested Facilities for

any Requesting Customer's that agrees to pay Gulf Crossing an

amount that fully reimburses Gulf Crossing for the cost of such

Requested Facilities and their Construction as set forth in the

interconnect agreement. Gulf Crossing may condition its

Construction of Requested Facilities on payment from the

Requesting Customer of (1) any or all costs of the Requested

Facilities and their Construction and (2) other related costs

incurred prior to the in-service date of the Requested Facilities,

which shall be defined to include, but are not limited to,

operating and maintenance expenses, administrative and general

expenses, employee salaries on a time-devoted basis and related

expenses, taxes other than income taxes, depreciation costs and

the time value of money, as set forth in an interconnect

agreement, and (3) a gross-up for state and federal income taxes,

if applicable. Unless Gulf Crossing agrees in an interconnect

agreement to allow the Requesting Customer to pay such costs at

some other time or in installments, any agreement for Construction

of Requested Facilities shall provide that the Requesting Customer

shall pay Gulf Crossing the costs of Construction and Related

Costs prior to the commencement of Construction. If actual costs

are not known, Gulf Crossing shall be entitled to bill the

Requesting Customer based upon estimated costs and the Requesting

Customer shall be required to pay such estimated costs; provided,

however, upon determining its actual costs, Gulf Crossing shall

have thirty Days to either refund any excess collections or bill

for any under-collections, as appropriate, to provide for Gulf

Crossing's collection of its actual costs, including the time

value of money as specified in the interconnect agreement.