Gulf Crossing Pipeline Company LLC

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Effective Date: 12/20/2008, Docket: RP09-61-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 654 Original Sheet No. 654



Section 8





(d) Execution of Service Agreement:


The Customer awarded capacity in (b) or (c) above must

execute a service agreement within two (2) Business Days

of its tender by Gulf Crossing if the service agreement

term is two (2) years or less or within five (5) Business

Days if the service agreement term is greater than two (2)

years unless otherwise agreed to. If the Customer fails

or refuses to execute the service agreement within the

applicable time period, the Customer shall forfeit all

rights and entitlement to the subject capacity. The

capacity will be offered to the bidder with the next

highest bid (as defined herein) and such bidder, if they

accept the offer, will be required to execute a service

agreement. Any Customer who fails to timely execute a

service agreement will be required to pay Gulf Crossing an

amount equal to the price difference between the best bid

when the capacity is resold and the price established in

Customer's best bid multiplied times the MDQ provided in

Customer's best bid.


(e) Upon Execution of a Service Agreement with Any Party:


Within forty-eight hours of the execution of a service

agreement, Gulf Crossing shall post on the Internet Web Site

the winning bid(s) and the winning bidder(s) name. This

information shall remain on the Internet Web Site for ninety

(90) Days.