Gulf Crossing Pipeline Company LLC

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Effective Date: 12/20/2008, Docket: RP09-61-000, Status: Effective

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Section 8




and to ensure that requests for service that are competing for

the same capacity are evaluated on a first-come, first-serve

basis. A Customer who submits incomplete or unsubstantiated

information will be removed from the Queue if such information is

not provided within one (1) Business Day of notification by Gulf

Crossing if the service is to commence in less than five (5)

Business Days, or three (3) Business Days for any other request.

A Customer whose request is rejected due to insufficient

information may submit the remaining information and such request

shall be processed as a new request upon receipt by Gulf Crossing

of a complete request. Gulf Crossing may reject on a non-

discriminatory basis any request for service which is for less

than the maximum rate Gulf Crossing is authorized to charge.

Gulf Crossing shall, within five (5) Business Days from the

receipt of a request, notify a Customer whose request for service

is determined to be invalid, and shall state the reason(s) that

the request for service is invalid. A request for service that

is determined to be invalid will be removed from the Queue. Gulf

Crossing will not, however, process any amendments prior to a

service agreement's effective date.


Capacity Evaluation - Gulf Crossing shall within fifteen (15)

Business Days from receipt of a valid request process such valid

request and notify Customer if Gulf Crossing cannot satisfy the

request and shall state the reason(s) that such a determination

was made. If capacity is insufficient on Gulf Crossing's system

to satisfy a request, Customer may accept the available capacity

for the term of its request. If Customer accepts the available

capacity but still desires to obtain the remainder of the

capacity requested in its original request, or rejects Gulf

Crossing's offer to provide part of the quantity of capacity

requested, the Customer's request shall not be continuing in

nature, but shall remain in the Queue only until the end of the

month in which the Customer was notified that the capacity

requested was either not available or partially available. At

the end of such month the request for service shall be removed

from the Queue.