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Effective Date: 12/20/2008, Docket: RP09-61-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 453 Original Sheet No. 453



Section 4




4.12 Turbine meters shall be installed and Gas volumes computed in

accordance with generally accepted industry practices as

prescribed in AGA Report No. 7, including any subsequent

amendments or revisions which meet generally accepted industry

standards and practices and are acceptable to Gulf Crossing and



4.13 If, at any time during the term hereof, a new method or technique

is developed or approved by the American Gas Association,

("AGA.") and which meets generally accepted industry standards

and is acceptable to Gulf Crossing, with respect to Gas

measurement or the determination of the factors used in such Gas

measurement, such new method or technique may be substituted by

Gulf Crossing in the exercise of its reasonable judgment. Gulf

Crossing shall inform all Customers of any new technique adopted.


4.14 The accuracy of all measuring equipment shall be verified by Gulf

Crossing at reasonable intervals, and if requested, in the

presence of representatives of Customer, but neither Customer nor

Gulf Crossing shall be required to verify the accuracy of such

equipment more frequently than once in any 30-Day period. If

either party at any time desires a special test of any measuring

equipment, it will promptly notify the other, and the parties

shall then cooperate to secure a prompt verification of the

accuracy of such equipment.


4.15 Correction of Metering Errors. Unless otherwise agreed to in

writing, if upon testing the measuring equipment is found to be

in error by less than or equal to one percent (1%) or less than

$50,000, as calculated based upon the Daily Hub Price, previous

recordings of such equipment shall be considered accurate in

computing flow, but such equipment shall be adjusted at once to

record accurately. The "Daily Hub Price" as used in this Section

is the price as published in [Index to be Determined], for the

date the error was discovered or the price for the date of the

next publication subsequent to the date of error if [Index to be

Determined] is not published for the required date. Should this

publication cease to exist in its current form, then Gulf

Crossing will choose a comparable published price for use.


If, upon test, the measuring equipment is found to be inaccurate

by an amount exceeding plus or minus one percent (1%) of the