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Effective Date: 12/20/2008, Docket: RP09-61-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 402 Original Sheet No. 402



Section 3





3.4 Gulf Crossing may not refuse to accept delivery of gas with a

Hydrocarbon Dew Point ("HDP") equal to or less than 15 degrees

Fahrenheit ("HDP Safe Harbor") provided that such gas satisfies

all other applicable provisions of Gulf Crossing's FERC Gas

Tariff. Gulf Crossing may post on its Internet Web Site from

time to time HDP limits greater than 15 degrees Fahrenheit for

receipts in operational areas specified in such posting. These

postings will be based upon operational and engineering

consideration to maintain service to Gulf Crossing Customers.

Gulf Crossing may revise such postings as necessary in order to

assure that gas will be accepted for delivery into downstream

facilities; provided such HDP limits shall not be less than the

HDP Safe Harbor.


3.5 Waiver of Quality Specifications. Gulf Crossing, in its

reasonable operational discretion and judgment, may waive the Gas

quality specifications at any receipt point to accept Gas that

does not conform to the quality specifications set forth in this

Section, if Gulf Crossing determines that such acceptance will

not interfere with Gulf Crossing's ability to: (1) maintain

prudent and safe operation of part or all of Gulf Crossing's

pipeline system, (2) ensure that such Gas does not adversely

affect Gulf Crossing's ability to provide service to others, and

(3) ensure that such Gas does not adversely affect Gulf

Crossing's ability to tender Gas for delivery to a downstream

pipeline or end-user at a quality that is consistent with the

quality specifications established by this provision or the

specifications of the receiving pipeline.


3.6 Commingling. Gas delivered by Customer may be commingled with

the Gas of other Customers in the system. Accordingly,

Customer's Gas may be subject to such changes in gross heating

value and other specifications as may result from such



3.7 Delivery Quality. Gas delivered by Gulf Crossing to Customer

will meet the quality specifications set forth in this Section.