Gulf Crossing Pipeline Company LLC

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/20/2008, Docket: RP09-61-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 401 Original Sheet No. 401



Section 3




(g) Shall not contain more than 3 percent by volume of

nitrogen for Gas received from any individual receipt point

on an absolute basis;


(h) Shall not contain more than 4 percent by volume of

total inerts including carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and



(i) Shall not contain water vapor in excess of 7 pounds per

million cubic feet of Gas from any individual receipt point

on an absolute basis;


(j) Other Contaminates - The gas shall contain no carbon

monoxide, halogens or olifin hydrocarbons, and no more than

four hundred parts per million (400 ppm) by volume of

hydrogen; and


(k) Hydrocarbon Dew Point - Except as otherwise provided

herein the Hydrocarbon Dew Point as calculated by Gulf

Crossing at any receipt point shall not exceed 15 degrees





3.3 Customer's Failure to Meet Specifications. Should any Gas

tendered by Customer to Gulf Crossing hereunder fail at any time

to conform to any of the specifications of this Section, Gulf

Crossing shall notify the Customer responsible of such failure,

and Gulf Crossing may refuse to accept all or a portion of such

off-specification gas. Upon receipt of notice by Gulf Crossing,

Customer shall, at its expense, make a diligent effort to correct

such failure by treatment, cooling, or dehydration consistent

with prudent operation so as to tender Gas conforming to the

above specifications. Gulf Crossing shall be relieved of its

obligations hereunder until Gulf Crossing has verified that the

Gas meets all quality specifications; provided, however, such

refusal to accept off-specification Gas shall not relieve

Customer of its payment obligations hereunder.