Destin Pipeline Company, L.L.C.

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Effective Date: 09/01/1998, Docket: CP96-655-004, Status: Effective

Substitute First Revised Sheet No. 50 Substitute First Revised Sheet No. 50 : Effective

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 50




Section 3.1 (continued)


(b) Heating Value: All gas shall have a minimum heating value

of 1,000 Btu/cf (Gross, Dry at 14.73 PSIA and 60ºF) and a

maximum heating value of 1,075 Btu/cf (Gross, Dry at 14.73

PSIA and 60ºF). SHIPPER may deliver gas into COMPANY's

pipeline which has a heating value up to 1,300 Btu/cf

(Gross, Dry at 14.73 PSIA and 60ºF), provided that such

gas is received upstream of a processing plant and SHIPPER

has made arrangements to have such gas processed prior to

delivery to downstream delivery points.


(c) Liquids: At the point of measurement, all gas must be

free of any Liquids. If a liquid separator is installed

upstream of the point of measurement from a third party

pipeline, COMPANY may permit Liquids from the separator

to be injected into COMPANY's pipeline system, if in

COMPANY's sole opinion such Liquids will not impair the

operations of COMPANY's system. Any Liquids, whether

injected or which form in the pipeline as a result of

condensation after measurement, shall be removed prior to

final delivery to downstream pipelines, and any reduction

in energy content caused by Liquids removed from the gas

received will be determined and deducted from the

appropriate SHIPPER's gas.


(d) Temperature: All gas received into COMPANY's pipeline

shall have a maximum temperature no greater than 120ºF.


(e) Water: No free water will be allowed into COMPANY's

pipeline system. All gas received shall contain no more

than 7 pounds of water vapor per million cubic feet.


(f) Sulfur: The gas shall not contain more than 10 grains of

total sulfur per one hundred cubic feet.