Destin Pipeline Company, L.L.C.

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Effective Date: 06/01/2000, Docket: RP00-268-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 35 First Revised Sheet No. 35 : Effective

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 35





Section 1(o) (continued)


1,000,000,000 joules. For commercial purposes, the

Standard conversion factors between dekatherms and

gigajoules is 1.055056 gigajoules per dekatherm. The

standard joule is the joule specified in the SI system

of units.


(p) Interactive Internet Website - Shall mean

Transportation Service Provider's web based browser

application for allowing shippers, agents, operators

and confirming parties to enter, view and maintain

nominations and confirmations via the internet.


(q) Internet Web Site - Shall mean Transportation Service

Provider's public information system found on the World

Wide Web at address: through which can

be accessed, Company's Interactive Internet Website for

scheduling and nomination services.


(r) Intraday Nomination - A nomination submitted after the

nomination deadline whose effective time is no earlier

than the beginning of the gas day and runs through the

end of that gas day.


(s) Liquefiables - Those hydrocarbons produced in

conjunction with gas received and transported through

COMPANY's pipeline system and included in the gas

stream at the point of measurement, which are either

condensed in the pipeline or are liquefied by,

recovered by, lost and/or consumed by a gas processing

plant and which are not redelivered to COMPANY's

pipeline system downstream of such plant.


(t) Liquids - Those hydrocarbon liquids (commonly called

"condensate") produced in association with gas

transported through COMPANY's pipeline system and which

are injected into said system and finally removed from

the system at a liquid separation facility; provided,

however, that liquids shall not include crude oil.


(u) Maximum Daily Delivery Quantity (MDDQ) - For each

Delivery Point, the maximum quantity of gas which

COMPANY is obligated to deliver for SHIPPER's account.

For firm transportation under Rate Schedules FT-1 and

FT-2, the MDDQ shall be specified on Exhibit B to the

Service Agreement between COMPANY and SHIPPER and shall

be stated in Mcf. For all other Delivery Points, the

MDDQ is the lesser of (i) the amount nominated by

SHIPPER and scheduled by COMPANY for transportation

under a Service Agreement on a day, or (ii) the maximum

quantity of gas COMPANY is capable of delivering at

said point as determined by COMPANY from time to time.