Destin Pipeline Company, L.L.C.

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Effective Date: 10/01/1998, Docket: RP98-239-001, Status: Effective

First Sub Original Sheet No. 14A First Sub Original Sheet No. 14A : Effective



Firm Transportation Service



Section 4 (continued)


SHIPPER's Rate Schedule FT-1 Service Agreement up to TD before any

reduction is made to SHIPPER's Cumulative Unutilized Volumes;


(c) Cumulative Unutilized Volume credits are not assignable;


(d) The banking provision in this Section 4 is available only to SHIPPERS

contracting directly with COMPANY for firm transportation under Rate Schedule

FT-1 and to ACQUIRING SHIPPERS that have acquired capacity under Rate Schedule

FT-1 pursuant to a Permanent Release under Section 18 of the General Terms

and Conditions; and


permitted only to the extent that COMPANY has capacity available.




on the basis that gas will be received and delivered by COMPANY on a

simultaneous basis, COMPANY's obligation under this Rate Schedule

to deliver gas to or for the account of SHIPPER on any day of

transportation is limited to making available to SHIPPER at the

Delivery Point(s) Equivalent Quantities of gas. SHIPPER's right

under this Rate Schedule to take gas at a Delivery Point on a day

of transportation is limited to taking Equivalent Quantities of



variations, certain minor imbalances may occur between the daily quantities of

gas received by COMPANY for transportation under this Rate

Schedule and the daily quantities of gas delivered by COMPANY.

SHIPPER shall use every reasonable effort to ensure that receipts

and deliveries remain in balance on a uniform basis.