Dauphin Island Gathering Partners

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/02/1998, Docket: RP99- 50-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 150B Original Sheet No. 150B : Effective


11.4 Curtailment Procedures:


If, on any day, Transporter determines that the capacity

of its system, or any portion thereof, including Receipt

and Delivery Points, but excluding any constraints of

upstream and/or downstream pipelines, is insufficient to

provide all service requirements which are nominated to

receive service on such day, then scheduled quantities

shall be curtailed, to zero if necessary, sequentially in

reverse order to the allocation priorities provided for

in Subsection 11.2(b)(i). If capacity must be allocated

within the services included in Subsections 11.2(b)(i)

and 11.2(b)(ii), transportation service will be curtailed

on a pro rata basis based upon the quantities of gas

nominated under the applicable FT-1 (MP), FT-1 (DI), FT-2

(MP), FT-2 (DI) and FT-3 (MP) Transportation Service

Agreements. If capacity must be allocated within the

services included in Subsection 11.2(b)(iii),

transportation service will be curtailed according to the

price ranking used for allocations, such that Shippers

who pay higher rates are curtailed after those who pay

lower rates; and in the event more than one Shipper is

paying a given rate, then the service interruption for

those Shippers will be allocated pro rata based on each

Shipper's share of scheduled nominations for that Receipt

or Delivery Point. Shippers paying a Negotiated Rate

which exceeds the Maximum Rate will be considered to be

paying the Maximum Rate for purposes of this Section