Dauphin Island Gathering Partners

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 03/16/1999, Docket: CP98- 6-003, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 132 Original Sheet No. 132 : Effective



reason the measuring equipment is out of service or out of repair so that the amount of

gas delivered cannot be ascertained or computed from the readings thereof, the amount of

gas delivered during such period shall be estimated and agreed upon by the use of the

first of the following methods which is feasible: (a) by using the registration of any

check measuring equipment if installed and accurately registering; (b) by correcting the

error if the percentage of error is ascertainable by calibration, test or mathematical

calculation; or (c) by estimating the quantity of gas delivered by reference to actual

deliveries during proceeding periods under similar conditions when the equipment in

question was registering accurately.


4.4 Check Measuring Equipment:


Shipper may install, maintain and operate, at its own expense, such check measuring

equipment upstream of Transporter's measurement equipment at the Receipt Point(s) as it

shall desire, provided that such equipment shall be so installed as not to interfere with the

operation of Transporter's measuring equipment.


4.5 Retention of Records:


All original records of measurement or test data compiled by either party in conjunction

with the provisions of Transporter's Rate Schedules and these General Terms and

Conditions shall be preserved by the party for a minimum period of three (3) years from

the date the record was made or such longer period as may be required by law or

governmental authority, and for so long thereafter as any disputes exist between Shipper

and Transporter regarding measurement or inspections.


4.6 Prior Period Adjustments:


The deadline for the closing of measurement data is 5 business days after the business

month. Measurement data available upstream of aggregated points shall be sent to the

allocating party and used to allocate the aggregated quantity back to the upstream points.

Estimate missing or late measurement data and treat actual as a prior period adjustment,

with the measuring party to provide the estimate. For treatment of measurement prior

period adjustments, Transporter will treat the adjustment by taking it back to the

production month. A meter adjustment becomes a prior period adjustment after the fifth

business day following the business month. For reporting measurement prior period

adjustments, Transporter will report it with the restated line item with new total quantity

for the day and the month.