Dauphin Island Gathering Partners

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 03/16/1999, Docket: CP98- 6-003, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 123 Original Sheet No. 123 : Effective



(c) Hydrogen Sulfide. The gas shall not contain more than 0.25 of a grain of

hydrogen sulfide per hundred cubic feet.


(d) Temperature. The gas shall have a temperature of not more than one hundred

twenty degrees (120) Fahrenheit and not less than forty (40) degrees Fahrenheit.


(e) Sulfur. The gas shall not contain more that ten (10) grains of total sulfur per

hundred cubic feet.


(f) Carbon Dioxide/Nitrogen. The gas shall not contain more than four percent

(4%) by volume of a combined total of carbon dioxide and nitrogen

components; provided, that the total carbon dioxide content shall not exceed two

percent (2%) by volume; provided further, that the total nitrogen content shall

not exceed two percent (2%) by volume.


(g) Impurities. The gas shall be free from polychlorinated biphenyls and

commercially free (at prevailing pressure and temperature in Transporter's DI

Facility) from dust, gums, sand, oil or other foreign substances which may be

injurious to Transporter's DI Facility or other facilities.


(h) Total Heating Value. No gas received hereunder at any Receipt Point(s) on

Transporter's DI Facility shall have a total heating value in excess of or below

that permitted by the most strict quality specification for minimum or maximum,

as applicable, total heating value of the downstream pipelines at all Delivery

Points on Transporter's DI Facility; provided, Transporter shall accept receipt of

gas not meeting such total heating value specification if Shipper processes such

gas or has it processed to comply with such specification prior to the delivery of

such gas to the downstream pipeline(s) at the Delivery Point(s).


Notwithstanding 2.2(a) through (g) above, inclusive, all gas delivered or caused to be

delivered by Shipper to Transporter at the Receipt Point(s) shall conform to the most

strict quality specification of the downstream pipelines at the Delivery Points for each

individual quality specification, any of which may be waived by Transporter in its

discretion on a nondiscriminatory basis.