Discovery Gas Transmission LLC

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Effective Date: 11/10/1997, Docket: CP96-712-002, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 178 Original Sheet No. 178 : Effective







shall only be responsible for the maintenance and

operation of its own System and shall not be responsible

for the maintenance or operation of any other properties

or facilities connected in any way with the

Transportation of Gas undertaken by Transporter.


15.2 ALTERATIONS AND REPAIRS - Transporter shall have the

right to interrupt the Transportation of Gas when

necessary to test, alter, modify, enlarge or repair any

facility or property comprising a part of, or appurtenant

to, its System, or otherwise related to the operation

thereof. Transporter shall endeavor to cause a minimum

of inconvenience and, except in cases of emergency, shall

give advance notice of its intention to interrupt the

Transportation of Gas and of the expected magnitude of

such interruption.


15.3 CONSTRUCTION POLICY - It will be Transporter's policy to

agree to interconnect its System with any other pipeline

facilities or with supply or delivery facilities on a not

unduly discriminatory basis, upon a reasonable request

and subject to the conditions set forth in this Section

15. Transporter's agreement to such connections will be

dependent upon the operational and economic impact of the

proposed connections on Transporter's System and on its

ability to provide reliable service to its existing



15.4 CONSTRUCTION OF NEW FACILITIES - Unless otherwise agreed,

Transporter will construct, install, own, maintain and

operate any additions or expansions to its existing

System as it is configured on the date the Commission

issues a certificate of public convenience and necessity

for the initial construction of the Discovery Gas

Transmission LLC pipeline. Unless otherwise agreed, the