Discovery Gas Transmission LLC

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Effective Date: 02/27/2009, Docket: RP09-291-000, Status: Effective

Fourth Revised Sheet No. 159 Fourth Revised Sheet No. 159

Superseding: Substitute Third Revised Sheet No. 159


11.5 OFFERS TO RELEASE CAPACITY - Offers to release capacity must be

submitted in accordance with the schedule set forth in Subsection 11.4.

Such offers must be in writing and on the release form available from

Transporter (hereinafter called the Releasing Shipper's Offer) or

provided electronically. Transporter shall post the Releasing Shipper's

offer to release capacity on its Internet web site (web site). The

posting of the offer will also include the maximum Commission-approved

tariff reservation rate applicable to the capacity, the date and time by

which bids must be submitted in accordance with the capacity release

timetable, and the date and time the offer is posted. A Releasing

Shipper may withdraw an offer to release capacity at any time until

Transporter receives a bid for the capacity that meets the Releasing

Shipper's minimum bid specifications. Likewise, a bidder may withdraw

its bid prior to the close of the bidding period, but may not rebid on

the same capacity at a lower rate. All offers will be considered

binding until written or electronic notice of withdrawal is received by

Transporter. Transporter shall post all withdrawals of offers or bids

on its Internet web site (web site).


Any shipper offering to release all or part of its capacity shall

provide the information required by the NAESB Standards. In addition,

the Releasing Shipper's Offer must state whether the proposed release is

to an asset manager as part of an asset management arrangement as

defined in Section 284.8(h)(3) of the Commission's regulations or to a

marketer participating in a state-mandated retail access program as

defined in Section 284.8(h)(4) of the Commission's regulations and, if

the proposed release is part of an asset management arrangement, the

volumetric level of the asset manager's delivery or purchase obligation

and the time period during which that obligation is in effect.