Discovery Gas Transmission LLC

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Effective Date: 06/01/2005, Docket: RP05-180-001, Status: Effective

Substitute Third Revised Sheet No. 144 Substitute Third Revised Sheet No. 144 : Superseded

Superseding: Third Revised Sheet No. 144



e. If Energy Intelligence Natural Gas Week fails to publish any

particular posting specified in Subsections 9.3.c. and 9.3.d., the

methodology described for establishing a cashout price will

continue to be used if at least two weeks of postings under the

"$/MMBtu" column are published during the relevant Month for at

least one of the listed pipeline locations. If Energy

Intelligence Natural Gas Week ceases publication of the index

prescribed in Subsections 9.3.c. and 9.3.d., Transporter will file

a substitute index with the Commission within thirty (30) Days

after the prescribed index becomes unavailable, and the substitute

index will be used for all cashouts effective as of the date the

prescribed index is unavailable for establishing a cashout price.


9.5 MANAGING IMBALANCES - Transporter shall endeavor to provide operational

data to Shipper on its Internet web site (web site) within five (5) Days

after the Day of Gas flow in an effort to assist Shipper in managing any

imbalances that may occur between Gas receipts and deliveries and

between nominations and actuals. In determining the cashout price

applicable under Subsection 9.3 above, Transporter will utilize the

operational data posted on its web site as of the end of the Month or

actual flow volumes (or, if actual flow volumes are not available at the

time of billing, the reasonable estimates), whichever results in a lower

imbalance level, for the purpose of selecting the appropriate index

price percentage.


9.6 PRIOR-PERIOD ADJUSTMENTS - Any imbalances for a Month that are booked

after the Transportation for that Month has been billed as a result of

receiving actual or corrected flow information will be cashed out at one

hundred per cent (100%) of the Overage or Underage Index in effect

during the Month the imbalance occurred, as appropriate.