Crossroads Pipeline Company

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Effective Date: 03/27/2000, Docket: RP00-503-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 69 First Revised Sheet No. 69 : Effective

Superseding: Sub Original Sheet No. 69



surcharges, if any) invoiced to Replacement

Shipper. In the event of a release with a

volumetric rate, the volumetric rate shall be

no greater than the 100% Load factor equivalent

of the maximum rate currently applicable to the

service released (except for releases of less

than one year) and shall be credited to the

Releasing Shipper's monthly bill. Replacement

Shipper's payment of the Usage Charge and

applicable usage surcharges, if any, will be

retained by Crossroads.


(b) If Replacement Shipper fails to pay all or any

part of the Reservation Charge so credited within

thirty (30) days of its due date, then such unpaid

amount plus interest will be charged to Releasing

Shipper's next monthly bill and will be due and

payable by Releasing Shipper in accordance with

Section 11 hereof.


(c) Crossroads and Releasing Shipper may enter into

a marketing agreement. In the event Crossroads

issues an Addendum to a Replacement Shipper found

by Crossroads pursuant to such marketing agreement,

any negotiated marketing fee wilt be debited to

Releasing Shipper's invoice.




33.1 (a) Crossroads' Electronic Bulletin Board ("EBB")

is accessed through EnerNet Corporation,

13111 Northwest Freeway, Houston, Texas,

(713)939-5800, Facsimile (713) 939-5838.

Access is nondiscriminatory and available

to any party upon execution of a EnerNet

Subscription Form for Crossroads. Copies

of the EnerNet Subscription Form for

Crossroads are available upon request from

EnerNet. EnerNet reserves the right to make

minor changes to the Subscription Form from

time to time. EnerNet's charges are as



Initial Setup Fee: $15.00

License Fee: $25.00/Month

Interactive Release Fee: $25.00/Month

On Line Connect Fee: $1.00/Minute


(b) All electronic communications may also be trans-

mitted, in appropriate circumstances, via the

industry standard electronic data interchange

mechanism. Such mechanism will be available on a

non-discriminatory basis, to any party that has

entered into an appropriate written agreement with



33.2 Service: Crossroads' EBB shall provide such data

as described in and shall be in compliance with

FERC Order No. 636 by providing: