Crossroads Pipeline Company

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Effective Date: 06/01/1997, Docket: RP97-145-003, Status: Effective

Third Substitute Sheet No. 52 Third Substitute Sheet No. 52 : Effective

Superseding: Second Substitute Sheet No. 52


(a) Contents of a PDA: A party submitting a PDA to Crossroads shall provide the

following information:


(i) Whether the allocation methodology selected is ranked, pro rata, percentage,

and swing; and


(ii) Contract number(s) and location(s) of the affected point(s).


Multi-tier allocations are not required.


(b) Deadlines for submission of a PDA:


(i) The party providing confirmation at the affected point shall submit the

PDA to Crossroads no earlier than the time established for confirmation

of gas flows in Section 13.1(a) herein and no later than the start of the

gas day. Only one PDA should be submitted per allocation period.


(ii) Welded parties should agree

on who submits a PDA methodology and who allocates at the point

before gas flows.


(iii) Crossroads will confirm receipt of the PDA within 15 minutes.


(c) Reporting of daily operational allocations after gas flows:


(i) Crossroads will report daily operational

allocations no later than one business day after the close of the gas day

to the lowest level of detail provided in nominations.


(ii) In reporting such operational allocations, Crossroads will use scheduled

quantities, if that is the best data available.


(iii) This standard shall not apply in the case of deliberate omission or

misrepresentation or mutual mistake of fact. Parties' other statutory

or contractual rights shall not otherwise be diminished by this standard.


22.4 Default Allocation Methodology: In the event that neither an OBA nor a PDA is in

effect at a point, Crossroads will apply GISB Standard 2.3.18, which is adopted

herein by reference .


22.5 Nothing in this Section 22 nor in any executed OBA shall limit Crossroads' rights

to take any action as may be required to adjust receipts and deliveries under any

Service Agreement to ensure that such receipts and/or deliveries reflect actual

quantities received and/or delivered through such points or to ensure system integrity.





23.1 All terms and conditions contained herein shall be applied in a uniform and

nondiscriminatory manner without regard to whether the Gas transported is sold by

Crossroads or any of Crossroads' affiliates or any other seller of Gas.


23.2 In addition to sharing office space with an affiliate, Crossroads shares telephone

equipment and a mid-size computer system with its affiliates, Crossroads does not

share any operating personnel with any of its marketing affiliates. The mid-size

computer equipment, including access to all computer data bases, is password

protected in order to maintain segregation of utilization and confidential access

to the system.


23.3 The specific information and format required from a Shipper for a valid Request for

Transportation Service, including transactions in which an