Crossroads Pipeline Company

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Effective Date: 10/02/1995, Docket: CP94-342-007, Status: Effective

Second Substitute Original Sheet No. 35 Second Substitute Original Sheet No. 35 : Effective

Superseding: Substitute Original Sheet No. 35



that Shipper has secured or will have secured, prior

to commencement of service, all necessary

arrangements for upstream and downstream

transportation, if applicable.


(m) A letter from Shipper identifying whether the gas to

be transported is destined for the system supply of

a local distribution company, interstate, intrastate,

or Hinshaw pipeline, which company Shipper shall

identify, or for an end-user. At Shipper's option, this

information may be provided either at the time of

request or prior to commencement of deliveries.


(n) If Shipper requests service on behalf of a third

party, Shipper shall submit a copy of an executed

Agreement between Shipper and the third party which

authorized Shipper to act on behalf of the third party

to secure the transportation service requested.

Shipper shall provide the name, address, telephone

number and status (e.g., LDC, producer, etc.) of the

third party.


For Shipper's convenience, standardized service request

forms shall be available from Crossroads at the above-

referenced address.


Requests for service which do not include all of the above-

referenced information shall be deemed null and void.


6.3 In lieu of submitting a valid request for service pursuant to

Section 6.2 above, any Shipper other than an affiliate of

Crossroads may negotiate with Crossroads either a Service

Agreement or another form of agreement, such as a precedent

agreement, providing for transportation services to be rendered

under Rate Schedules FT-1 and/or IT-1 and for a specified amount

of capacity or a level of service thereunder. In such event, the

valid request date used to establish priority of service under

Section 6.5 hereof shall be the date of the execution of the

Service Agreement or the other agreement, whichever is earliest.

Shipper may, at any time during negotiations with Crossroads,

establish a valid request date by submitting a valid request for

delivery pursuant to Section 6.2 above.


6.4 Subsequent Information: Shipper will provide such other

information as is necessary or appropriate to facilitate

transportation or to comply with regulatory reporting