Crossroads Pipeline Company

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 10/02/1995, Docket: CP94-342-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 7 Original Sheet No. 7 : Effective









This Rate Schedule is available for firm transportation

service authorized under Part 284 of the regulations of the

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ("FERC or "Commission"), by

Crossroads Pipeline Company ("Crossroads" or "Transporter") for

any person ("Shipper"), subject to: (1) the availability of

uncommitted firm capacity sufficient to effectuate such

transportation; (2) submission by Shipper and acceptance by

Crossroads of a valid Request for Transportation which is in

accordance with the provisions of Section 6 of the General Terms

and Conditions for Transportation Service of Crossroads' FERC

Gas Tariff, of which this Rate Schedule is part; (3) the prior

execution by Crossroads and Shipper of the effective form of

Service Agreement for this Rate Schedule; and (4) the effective

requirements stated in this Rate Schedule, the General Terms and

Conditions of Service, and any other applicable provisions of

Crossroads' FERC Gas Tariff, of which this Rate Schedule is part,

or otherwise established by orders, rules, and regulations of the





This Rate Schedule applies to all gas transported by

Crossroads for Shipper pursuant to an executed Service

Agreement for service hereunder. Transportation service under

this Rate Schedule shall be firm up to the Maximum Daily Quantity

("MDQ") of gas tendered for transportation hereunder by Shipper

plus an amount reflecting the Gas Reimbursement Quantity ("GRQ")

as defined in Section 15 of the General Terms and Conditions of

this Tariff. Service up to the MDQ shall not be subject to

intentional curtailment or interruption by Crossroads except as

provided herein and in the General Terms and Conditions of this



Crossroads is not obligated to provide any transportation

service for which capacity is not available or which would require

the construction or acquisition of new facilities or the

modification or expansion of existing facilities.


Crossroads will afford an existing long-term firm

transportation shipper with a contract of 1 year or more a right

of first refusal to continue such firm service if such shipper

agrees to match the price and length of contract term offered by

another shipper.