Crossroads Pipeline Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/2001, Docket: RP02- 14-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 23 Original Sheet No. 23 : Superseded






5. Operational Requirements Of Transporter


(a) Shipper may be required (upon notification from Transporter via Electronic Notice Delivery)

to cease or reduce deliveries to, or receipts from, Transporter hereunder within the day consistent with

Transporter’s operating requirements. Further, Shipper may be required to return loaned quantities or

remove parked quantities (upon notification by Transporter via Electronic Notice Delivery). Transporter’s

notification shall specify the time frame within which parked quantities shall be removed and/or loaned

quantities shall be returned, consistent with Transporter’s operating conditions, but in no event shall the

specified time be sooner than the next day after Transporter’s notification, subject to the following



(i) Shipper may be required to accept return or delivery of gas from Parking Service on

short notice as provided in Section 5(b) of this Rate Schedule; or


(ii) Transporter may not accept or confirm nominations for Parking or Lending Services at

points where Transporter has determined that capacity is not available; or


(iii) Shipper may be required to limit Parking or Lending Service nominations to

identified receipt and/or delivery points specified by Transporter; or


(iv) Shipper may be required to return gas from Lending Service on short notice as

provided in Section 5(c) of this Rate Schedule; or


(v) Shipper may be required to delay the return or delivery of gas from Parking Service.

In the event that Transporter is unable to return or deliver Parked Quantities within the time

limitation otherwise applicable to Parking Service, despite Shipper's bona fide nomination to return

or deliver gas from Parking Service, then Transporter shall allow such quantities to remain in

Parking Service until Transporter notifies Shipper (via Electronic Notice Delivery) that such Parked

Quantities must be returned or delivered from Transporter's system within 24 hours. Upon the lapse of

this 24-hour period, Shipper shall be, for failure to satisfy the requirements of Section 5(b) below,

subject to the provisions of Section 5(a)(vii)(1) below.


(vi) In the event that Shipper makes a timely and valid nomination, which Transporter

subsequently confirms, in response to notification by Transporter to remove parked quantities and/or

return loaned quantities, Shipper shall be deemed to have complied with Transporter’s notification;



(vii) Unless otherwise agreed by Shipper and Transporter: (1) any parked quantity not

removed within a time frame specified by Transporter’s notice shall become the property of

Transporter at no cost to Transporter free and clear of any adverse claims; (2) any loaned quantity

not returned within the time frame specified by Transporter’s notice shall be sold to Shipper at 150%

of the Spot Market Price for each Dekatherm. “Spot Market Price”, for purposes of this Section,

shall mean, for each Dekatherm on each applicable day on which the gas was to be repaid, the

‘Chicago-LDCs, Large End Users Midpoint’ price index as published in Gas Daily’s Daily Price Survey,

or successor publication. Shipper shall be responsible for reimbursing Transporter for the cost of

transporting (including Retainage) such unreturned loan quantities to Transporter’s system.