Dominion Cove Point LNG, LP

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/06/2005, Docket: RP04-428-002, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 405 Original Sheet No. 405 : Effective








TTT AGREEMENT made as of this _____ day of _________,_____, by and between Dominion Cove

Point LNG, LP (Cove Point), hereinafter called "Operator," and______________________,

hereinafter called "Buyer."


WHEREAS, from time to time, Buyer, its customers and principals obtain rights for

transportation service from Cove Point, under which these parties have the right to deliver

natural gas into, move gas through, or receive gas from, various Cove Point facilities, in

accordance with Service Agreements that have been entered into in accordance with Cove Point's

FERC Gas Tariff (the "Subject Service Agreements"); and,


WHEREAS, Buyer, on behalf of itself, its customers and principals, arranges for various

services in conjunction with the performance required or permitted by Cove Point under the

Subject Service Agreements; and,


WHEREAS, in the course of performing such services, Buyer may identify and obtain sources

and/or markets on behalf of shippers under the Subject Service Agreements, the identity of which

Buyer seeks to protect for commercial purposes; and,


WHEREAS, to that end, Operator and Buyer have agreed to procedures that will accommodate

Buyer's nomination of quantities of gas at points of interconnection between Operator and other

interstate pipelines, for the limited purpose of tracking title transfers among buyers and

sellers of such quantities; which procedures do not entitle Buyer to receive any service under

Operator's FERC Gas Tariff separate from the entitlements under the Subject Service Agreements,

nor do they entitle Buyer to maintain physical imbalances on Operator's system.


THEREFORE, WITNESSETH: That, in consideration of the mutual covenants herein contained, the

parties hereto agree as follows:



Article I. Quantities


A. During the term of this TTT Agreement, Operator will accept nominations for Title Transfer

Tracking ("TTT") Service from Buyer, in accordance with the procedures set forth in Article

V, below. All accounting receipt data provided by Buyer to Operator at each Eligible Point

must be accompanied by a corresponding nomination for accounting delivery at such Eligible

Point; otherwise, Operator shall be entitled to reject nomination data provided by Buyer

for any Eligible Point at which accounting receipts do not equal accounting deliveries.

This equalization requirement shall apply to TTT Service hereunder every Day, regardless of

any capacity constraint, operational flow order, curtailment requirement, or operating

limitation that may be imposed on the Subject Service Agreements.


B. Operator's obligation to accept nominations hereunder shall be limited to the contractual

entitlements of Buyer, its customers, or its principals-- as shippers under the Subject

Service Agreements -- to receive service from Operator as confirmed under this Agreement.


C. Nothing under this Agreement shall convey to Buyer any right to service by Operator. The

transportation of gas nominated for TTT Service in accordance with this Agreement requires

that the Buyer, its customers, or its principals obtain entitlement to service from

Operator under another Service Agreement, in accordance with all applicable provisions of

Operator's FERC Gas Tariff.