Dominion Cove Point LNG, LP

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Effective Date: 12/31/9999, Docket: RP09-192-000, Status: Accepted

First Revised Sheet No. 250A First Revised Sheet No. 250A

Superseding: Second Sub. Original Sheet No. 250A









For purposes of this Section, the term Buyer shall be defined to include buyer(s) pursuant

to Section 30 of the GT&C.


(a) Transfers. Upon receiving the approval of Operator, a Buyer may transfer LNG

inventory under its Rate Schedule LTD-1, LTD-2, FPS-1, FPS-2, FPS-3 or Section 3 Firm

Services to a different Buyer's account under Operator's Rate Schedule LTD-1, LTD-2,

FPS-1, FPS-2, FPS-3 or Section 3 Firm Services if such other Buyer agrees in writing

to the transfer.


(b) Requests to Transfer. Operator will, upon a Buyer's request, post an announcement of

Buyer's desire to transfer inventory, but Buyer shall remain responsible for making

all arrangements affecting the proposed transfer. To request an inventory transfer,

the Transferor and Transferee Buyers shall send a completed Inventory Transfer Form

(in the form included under Miscellaneous Forms in this Tariff) via fax, mail, e-mail

or EBB to Operator. Transfers shall be irrevocable once requested, and, if approved,

effective immediately upon Operator's notice of acceptance. Retroactive transfers

shall not be permitted.


(c) Processing of Requests. Transfers between Rate Schedule LTD-1 and Section 3 Firm

Services will occur at the next available nomination cycle. For all other Buyers,

within two Business Days of Operator's receipt of a completed and executed Inventory

Transfer Form, Operator shall notify the Buyers listed on that completed and executed

Inventory Transfer Form of Operator's acceptance or rejection pursuant to Section

11(d) below of the proposed transfer. Operator shall make reasonable efforts to

process any transfer request in less than two Business Days where circumstances

permit. Operator will respond to "fast track" requests received by 9 a.m. CCT on a

Business Day by no later than 9 a.m. CCT on the following Business Day. The following

categories will be considered as "fast track" requests:

(i) transfers between accounts under identical Rate Schedules;

(ii) transfers between accounts under different Rate Schedules requested during

Operator's Injection Season; and

(iii) all transfers for quantities of 10,000 dth or less (with that limit applicable

to each account each Business Day).


(d) Rejection by Operator. Operator may reject any proposed transfer under this Section

11 if it determines that such transfer cannot be accommodated:

(i) without diminishing Operator's ability to provide firm service to any Buyer;

(ii) without increasing Operator's firm service obligations;

(iii) because the LNG sought to be transferred is not available in Buyer's account;

(iv) because of an imbalance status of the transferor's and transferee's accounts, as

reflected in Operator's records; or

(v) because the requested transfer is retroactive.


(e) Inventory transfers remain subject to all applicable tariff limitations (including

limits on FPS injection, storage and withdrawal rights) and applicable Commission

policies (including the "shipper must have title" rule).