Dominion Cove Point LNG, LP

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Effective Date: 03/01/2009, Docket: RP09-293-000, Status: Effective

Second Revised Sheet No. 241 Second Revised Sheet No. 241

Superseding: Third Sub. First Revised Sheet No. 241







(a) Availability. (Continued)


(5) No bidder will have any specific right to capacity on Operator's system until Operator has

executed the Bid agreement, as set forth in Section 10.(d), below.


(6) In Operator's sole discretion, subject to reasonable concerns of creditworthiness or other

qualification, existing Part 284 service customers of Operator, as of the date of Operator's

implementation of Order No. 636, may qualify to submit bids under this section, upon execution of

a form of Service Agreement applicable to Capacity Release in the form contained in this Tariff.


(b) Bidding Procedure.


(1) Releasing Customer will post complete release information on Operator's EBB. For timely releases,

Releasing Customer may "prebuild" an offer and delay its actual posting.


(2) If all information provided by parties to the transaction is valid and Replacement Customer has

met the requirements described in Section 10.(a).(4).(i) before its bid is tendered, and Releasing

Customer has not elected an alternate bid evaluation method under Section 10.(c).(2).(iii), below,

then the following timeline will apply to a transaction under this Section 10.


(i) For biddable releases of a term less than one year:


a. Offers must be tendered by 12 p.m. CCT up through the business day gas is flowing;

b. The open season ends at 1 p.m. CCT up through the business day gas is flowing;

c. During the evaluation period from 1 p.m. CCT until 2 p.m. CCT, Operator must determine

the best bid or bids, break any ties, and communicate the match or award to each

matching or winning bidder, and the Releasing Customer and/or the potential Replacement

Customer must eliminate any Contingencies. For the award, Operator shall tender a

contract and a contract number no later than 3 p.m. CCT.

d. Any potential Replacement Customer that is required to match a competing bid must

communicate its response to Operator by 2:30 p.m. CCT.

e. Operator posts all awards no later than 3 p.m. CCT.

f. By 4 p.m. CCT, Operator must tender a contract and contract number. The Replacement

Customer may begin nominating service at the next available nomination cycle for the

effective date of the contract.


(ii) For releases of a term greater than or equal to one year the same timeline described in

Section 10.(b).(2).(i) shall apply, except that offers must be tendered by 12:00 p.m.

(noon) CCT at least four Business Days before the award is made for timely, late or

Intra-day nominations.


(iii) For any prearranged deals not subject to bid, Releasing Customer must post the deal with

effective date and time, and Replacement Customer must post its bid, prior to the start

of the chosen nomination cycle deadline for the offer begin date. Upon Replacement

Customer's posting of the bid, Operator will tender a contract and contract number in a

manner that will allow the Replacement Customer to submit a nomination by the chosen

nomination cycle deadline.


(3) The provisions of the posted notice of a release, including all criteria to be considered in the

evaluation of competing offers, and any applicable recall provisions, must be objective,

nondiscriminatory, and applicable to all bidders.


(i) Such conditions may include contract quantity, duration and price; however, the Releasing

Customer is not required to specify a minimum acceptable quantity, duration or price.


(ii) Releasing Customer cannot tie bidders to other compensation, which is not related to the

release transaction, unless otherwise provided by the Commission's regulations.


(iii)Such conditions may not conflict with the Operator's Tariff or the Commission's

regulations, but may add provisions that are specific to the release transaction.