Dominion Cove Point LNG, LP

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 06/01/2003, Docket: RP03-341-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 202 First Revised Sheet No. 202 : Effective

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 202








The following terms, when used in this Tariff, or any other document referred hereto, are

intended and used and shall be construed to have meanings as follows:


1.1 "Billing Month": The period of time between any two consecutive final monthly meter

readings, and in reference to a calendar month, the month in which the majority of

the Billing Month occurs.


1.2 "Boil-Off": Shall mean gas (1) boiling off from the Cove Point LNG Plant and (2)

flashing from the liquid phase to the gaseous phase during unloading of LNG from

Buyer's vessel(s).


1.3 "British Thermal Unit" and "Btu": The amount of heat necessary to raise from 59øF to

60øF the temperature of one avoirdupois pound of pure water at a pressure of 14.73

pounds per square inch absolute (psia). "MMBtu" refers to one million Btu's.


1.4 "Business Day": Shall mean Monday through Friday excluding Federal banking holidays.


1.5 "Buyer": Any purchaser of service offered in this Tariff from Operator.


1.6 "Central Clock Time" or "C.T.": Central standard time adjusted for daylight savings



1.7 "Commission": The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission or any successor agency

having jurisdiction over the rates and charges and services hereunder.


1.8 "Confirming Party": The entity that Operator shall contact for confirmation

purposes. The Confirming party may be an interconnecting operator or

upstream/downstream titleholder.


1.9 "Contract Year": For purposes of Rate Schedules FPS-1, FPS-2 and FPS-3, the period

of twelve (12) consecutive months beginning on April 16 of any calendar year and

ending on April 15; and for purposes of Rate Schedules FTS and ITS, the period of

twelve (12) consecutive months beginning on the date of initiation of service and

each twelve (12) consecutive months thereafter.


1.10 "Cove Point Pipeline": The 36-inch O.D. pipeline owned by Operator which extends

from the tailgate of the Cove Point LNG Plant to a point of interconnection with the

facilities of Columbia Gas Transmission Corporation and Dominion Transmission, Inc.

in Loudoun County, Virginia.


1.11 "Cove Point LNG Plant": The facilities located at Cove Point, Maryland, which are

owned by Operator and are capable of receiving, storing and regasifying LNG and

receiving, liquefying and delivering Natural Gas or LNG.


1.12 "Day": A period of 24 consecutive hours commencing at 9 a.m. Central Clock Time on

any calendar day and ending at 9 a.m. Central Clock Time on the next calendar day.


1.13 "Delivery Point(s)": The point(s) where Operator has agreed in the Service Agreement

to deliver Natural Gas, Regasified LNG or LNG to or for Buyer's account.