Dominion Cove Point LNG, LP

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Effective Date: 05/27/2005, Docket: RP05- 43-000, Status: Suspended

Third Revised Sheet No. 71 Third Revised Sheet No. 71 : Suspended

Superseding: Second Revised Sheet No. 71


10-Day, 5-Day, 3-Day Firm Peaking Service







(a) In accordance with the further provisions of this Rate Schedule, Operator shall (i)

store as LNG, quantities of Natural Gas received for liquefaction or LNG received by

Operator from or on behalf of Buyer during the Injection Season and designated by

Buyer as peaking service quantities, up to the Maximum Contract Peaking Quantity

("MCPQ") as set forth in Buyer's Service Agreement, plus Retainage on injection, and

(ii) deliver to Buyer during the Withdrawal Season equivalent quantities of

regasified LNG less Retainage on withdrawal up to the MCPQ at a daily rate up to one

hundred fifteen percent (115%) of Buyer's MDPQ. Buyer's MDPQ under Rate Schedule

FPS-1 (10-Day Firm Peaking Service) shall equal one-tenth (1/10) of its MCPQ.

Buyer's MDPQ under Rate Schedule FPS-2 (5-Day Firm Peaking Service) shall equal one-

fifth (1/5) of its MCPQ. Buyer's MDPQ under Rate Schedule FPS-3 (3-Day Firm Peaking

Service) shall equal one-third (1/3) of its MCPQ.


(b) Operator's maximum obligation to provide peaking service to all Buyers under all

peaking service Rate Schedules shall be limited to an aggregate MCPQ of 1.44 MMDth

and an aggregate injection quantity of 15,000 Dth per day. Any individual Buyer's

annual injection quantity shall not exceed their MCPQ adjusted for Retainage.


(c) For purposes of establishing Operator's maximum peaking service obligation, all

quantities of Natural Gas tendered for liquefaction and/or storage are assumed to

have a minimum heating value of 1,030 Btu's per cubic foot. If Natural Gas or LNG

tendered by or for Buyer has an actual average heating value of less than 1,030 Btu's

per cubic foot, Buyer's MCPQ and MDPQ shall be proportionately adjusted downward.


(d) Service under this Rate Schedule is provided solely at Operator's LNG terminal.

Buyer shall be responsible for arranging service under Rate Schedule FTS or Rate

Schedule ITS to transport gas stored at the terminal for further delivery along

Operator's pipeline.